Tornadoes Wreak Havoc Across Midwest

20 states under extreme weather watch, 15 tornado reports so far in Illinois.
4:24 | 11/18/13

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Transcript for Tornadoes Wreak Havoc Across Midwest
outbreak. The massive system rapidly moving across this country tonight. The dark clouds behind me, moving in over soldier field in chicago on live television today. The game put on hold, fans heading for cover. And they were smart to. Just look how dark it soon turned. 75 tornadoes across the region. This system, already deadly. Look at a twister caught on tape by a couple, in their car southwest of chicago. This thing was four separate ones and now it's turned into one big one. Okay, this is as close as I ever want to get. Go, go, go, go. That illinois couple racing to get out of the path of the twisters. In many cities and towns tonight, sweeping views of the destruction. This one from washington, illinois. Everything gone. In one town, in fact, 50 mobile homes destroys. The same storm system dumping rain and hail along with fierce winds. Gusts reaching up to 75 miles an hour. Our extreme weather team on this all tonight, beginning with abc's alex perez outside soldier field in chicago. Okay, this is as close as i ever want to get. Reporter: Within seconds, a quiet sunday morning turned to mayhem, as a vicious storm ripped through the midwest. This video captured in washington, illinois. After the angry funnel clouds, disaster. All as panicked residents seek shelter in the middle of it all. Getting hit with hail, some debris. Reporter: Response teams in washington, illinois, scrambling to create this triage center, preparing for an unknown number of injured storm victims. And launching emergency shelters for all those displaced by this storm. In peoria, illinois, at least 50 homes crushed like cardboard boxes. A local hospital reporting 37 injuries, all related to the storm. In longpoint, illinois, many say the raging storm came in faster than they ever imagined. We saw it coming through this way, like, the angle towards our house. The whole shed's gone. We get the storm warnings on the tv and we was watching it and we heard a big noise. You can see what it's done here. Just everything. Reporter: In chicago, the dark clouds swallowed the city's iconic skyline as soldier field, the heavy downpour and violent winds caught 60,000 people in the stands as they waited for the bears/ravens game. With lightning striking nearby, officials make a call on the field. Referee: Due to the inclement weather, the game will be temporarily suspended. The game, delayed about two hours, as fans packed into the concourse area of the stadium for safety. Bears fan jerry schafer says it was tense. You're scared that people, somebody's going to act, you know, out of -- out of an orderly fashion, that they're not going to be -- not going to be receptive to what the rules and regulations are. Reporter: In indiana, at least eight counties reporting storm damage. Outside indianapolis, trees and power lines snapped. In lebanon, indiana, this starbucks store ripped to shreds. And david, tonight, there are reports of at least 75 tornadoes across four states. And there are reports of at least three deaths. Now here at soldier field, that bears game was able to restart. But across the area, they are preparing for a long night as they begin the process of assessing the damage. David? Abc's alex perez leading us off tonight. Alex, thank you. I want to bring in meteorologist ginger zee, been tracking this thing all day long. Good thing they held that game off for awhile. This was high risk, which you say is not common. Reporter: Right. This is something we were covering this morning on "gma." Storm prediction center put out that high risk. In november, that's only happened four times since 1980. Before today. And let me show you what the setup was, david. We have this low pressure system that slid across the great lakes. It has that cold front attached. It's really the strong jet stream that made this all very violent and dangerous. And here's what has happened thus far. I say thus far, we are not done with this. At least 76 tornado reports. Those are reports, not confirmed. Some of those will be repeated. And more than 200 severe wind reports. So, this is just the beginning. And it's not ending tonight. Reporter: No. Here we go. We're going to go for just tonight through early tomorrow. Watch this. From cincinnati through almost toledo and then the moderate risk, which is still very strong, includes cleveland, pittsburgh, charleston. And all the way through albany, new york city we have the chance of storms. Tomorrow, the severe threat really focuses in on places like boston and portland, maine.

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{"duration":"4:24","description":"20 states under extreme weather watch, 15 tornado reports so far in Illinois.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"20919284","title":"Tornadoes Wreak Havoc Across Midwest","url":"/WNT/video/tornadoes-wreak-havoc-midwest-20919284"}