Torrential Downpours Across South Lead to Dramatic Rescues

Record rainfall creates dangerous search efforts for trapped Texas residents.
1:33 | 06/15/13

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Transcript for Torrential Downpours Across South Lead to Dramatic Rescues
Now to breaking news on the weather front this evening, record rains, nearly as much rain in parts of the south in just the last few hours, as they see in an entire year, dozens of rescues under way, abc meteorologist ginger zee on the pictures coming in tonight. Reporter: Tonight, more than 60 water rescues, dramatic flooding from missouri to texas. Gushing through yards of missouri. Throwing water almost overtaking this suv.As much as 9 inches of rain in southwestern missouri falling in just five hours today. And look at that hail, spiky and bigger than the computer mouse. North of des moines, iowa, streets overflowing with flood waters and south of san antonio, texas, creeks and ponds went surging through the streets this week. And look at those officers. All of this almost after 17 inches of rain fell in just 36 hours, that's almost as the city gets in an entire year. And ginger is with us now. You were telling me this afternoon this is just incredible when you look at the totals. It is and it's not over. Here's how much is going to fall, this is for tonight and throughout the next 48 hours, it's that southwest missouri that I'mcerned with, from kansas city to the south, to southeastern missouri and southern illinois, 2 to 3 inches. Some places ending up with more than a foot. And look at this, david, we got severe weather along with it. It's not only heavy rains, chicago is going to get severe storms tonight, damaging winds possible. Isolated tornadoes and this goes through tomorrow so the threat stays with it this weekend.

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{"id":19412243,"title":"Torrential Downpours Across South Lead to Dramatic Rescues ","duration":"1:33","description":"Record rainfall creates dangerous search efforts for trapped Texas residents.","url":"/WNT/video/torrential-downpours-south-lead-dramatic-rescues-19412243","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}