Train packed with Congress members, staff and family slams into truck

One person was killed and several others, including Congressman Jason Lewis, were taken to the hospital.
2:33 | 01/31/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Train packed with Congress members, staff and family slams into truck
And we begin with that deadly train collision, onboard, more than 100 Republican members of congress. That amtrak train was taking those lawmakers to a retreat, colling with a garbage truck in Virginia. It happened this morning, not long after the state of the union last night. The driver of the truck was killed. Several lawmakers jumping in to help many of the injures on the scene. And several people tonight, including congressman Jason Lewis, were taken to the hospital. House speaker Paul Ryan among those onboard. And ABC's Linzie Janis leads us off from the scene tonight. Reporter: A train packed with dozens of lawmakers, their staffers and families on their way to a retreat today, slamming into a truck in rural Virginia, leaving one person did. All of a sudden had a big jolt, I didn't know what we hit. It knocked several people down. And then, the next thing I realized is that we were slowing down significantly and coming to a stop, and that's when we all knew we hit something. Reporter: Their train was heading from Washington to west Virginia when the accident occurred at 11:15 this morning. Mass casualty incident, level one. Train versus truck. Reporter: The impact, 0 deliberating the truck, sending debris flying, smashing in the front of the train. North Carolina representative mark walker capturing the carnage through the train window. Lawmakers with medical experience springing into action, rushing to get to the three men who were in the truck. We took rotating turns on cpr on the one gentleman. We tried shocking him and just never, never could get him back, I'm afraid. Reporter: Senators Jeff flake and bill Cassidy helping carry this wounded passenger away on a strecther. Five people, including Minnesota congressman Jason Lewis, who suffered a concussion, were sent to the hospital for evaluation. One in critical condition tonight. You can see investigators sifting through the wreckage of that garbage truck, and if you look in the distance, about a quarter mile in front of where the collision happened, you can see where the train finally came to a stop. Those investigators now looking into why that garbage truck was on the tracks. The NTSB sending a go team to the site. And Linzie Janis with us live tonight from the scene of that crash. And Linzie, those lawmakers did make it to the retreat. We learned a short time ago, the congressman who suffered a concussion has joined them? Reporter: That Reese right, David. That retreatment has now begun. Congressman Lewis was discharged from the hospital and has now joined his fellow lawmakers at the retreat. Of course, most of these injured, including the person who died, the man who died, were in that truck. Just a devastating scene here behind me. Investigators still here now. David? All right, Linzie Janis leading us off tonight.

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{"duration":"2:33","description":"One person was killed and several others, including Congressman Jason Lewis, were taken to the hospital.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"52752998","title":"Train packed with Congress members, staff and family slams into truck","url":"/WNT/video/train-packed-congress-members-staff-family-slams-truck-52752998"}