XCOR Aerospace Tries to Bring Space Travel to Civilians

Find out the new company that is trying to make space travel for civilians possible from the Mojave desert.
2:29 | 05/22/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for XCOR Aerospace Tries to Bring Space Travel to Civilians
Finally tonight here, made in America. Every day Americans could be headed to space, but how? Take a look. Our drive deep into the mojave desert. Because we hear, that past the trains, there's about to be a new mode of transportation. One that will take us to space. That blue sky waiting. And so were they. The team at xcor. Ha hangar 61. Hi, David. How are you? Reporter: A former nasa commander there, and the team developing a spaceship. And this isn't the distant future -- they say possibly a year from now. Three, two, one -- Reporter: Their animation of the lynx -- a rocket ship with wings -- that they say will take Americans into space. A suborbital trip. Once it gets there, four to five minutes of weightlessness, 200,000 feet up. A half hour trip into space. Save the pennies and you get the opportunity to go. Reporter: A lot of pennies, though. $100,000 for a trip. Not cheap. But they say that cost will one day come down. But we came armed with another question. How much of this is made in America? Virtually all of it. Reporter: Parts from Utah, California, every corner of the country. And what will drive that rocket up? The lynx propulsion system. We're testing this on its own. Reporter: They're testing everything here. They show us the nose gear. The wheel that has to come up in one second. In one second. Yes. Reporter: I love it. We give it a shot. Pull the button. Was that a second? Reporter: Ultimately, these former astronauts want Americans to see what they saw. What a view. Reporter: And how do you describe it when you get home? It's almost impossible to describe isn't it? It's impossible to find fully the right words for it. Reporter: And before we leave, they walk me out to that hangar. Their families know they still have a mission. The kids have all grown up -- Dad's still playing. Inside, the mockup. How quickly does this get me back to New York? The lynx seats two. There's actually a little more leg room for the passenger here. And the commander shows me where this will take off. And that's mojave. Reporter: You'll be able to glide back here. And one last thing, on their first trip, they promise to take something up from us. Made in America! Ready to take our made in America banner right up with them. We have our drone with us here in Los Angeles. As we say good night, we hope to see you right back here tomorrow for "World news tonight." From all of us here at ABC news, good night. We'll see you tomorrow.

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{"duration":"2:29","description":"Find out the new company that is trying to make space travel for civilians possible from the Mojave desert.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"31220646","title":"XCOR Aerospace Tries to Bring Space Travel to Civilians","url":"/WNT/video/travel-space-100k-31220646"}