Trump assures farmers he's found trade-war fix: 'We're going to win'

He landed a deal with Europeans but they are not keen on the idea of importing U.S. products if they cost more or use banned chemicals.
3:36 | 07/26/18

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Transcript for Trump assures farmers he's found trade-war fix: 'We're going to win'
Kayna, thank you. Weoing to now T thpresident tonight, asking th not going to be too Ang th trum the president was in Iowa day, we H heard from farmers in that state we'll hear from farmers in Wisconsin tonight, whoay the are feel the effects of this trade war,gnited B the president. They say their bil are already mounting. But the president for patience from many farmers he counted on T win. ABC's Terry Moran again GHT. Reporter: In Dubuque county, of his Loil supers now getting anxious about his tra agenda Iav say, because we have a lot O fmers in this place, we had this hatade up, the joeere colour farmers great again. Rter: And I wasn't just the hats. The president offering about acknowleent that his trade war wit China is cloerg farmers here. C to attack the farm belt because theyose -- others loveme, they votedme, we won E one of the St they're not going to win, jus so you understa we he all the cards, T reporter:hepper midwest, present, butnow, he's neighbong sconsin. Just 31% sayhould be re-elected. And 63% say heho. Mrntes, similanumbers. St farmers in this region supportive still, but worried. Like mark Recker, who grop corn sa and soybeans. Farmers have Ng give theresident latitude, but it'sitting clo tome. The reality is he WER prices. We're going into the fall with a larger crop, it looks like,nd wegoing to have questions about, how WHA are oortunities for prw? Rter: The president tweeted F March, ras are good and easy town." But they'r not. So to shore up thefarms, the on has ced a $12 billion it a bailt. Steve mnuchin hatest wo We're not bailing out any farmers. That's a ridiculouscomment. Thatot a bailout. Rtever youall it, farmers aren't happy. Rmers, can tlyou, we would rathe G our income from themaet. It's a handout thatelly don'tnt. Reporter: Today, the president cld he'd fnd Europe, part of T agreemt heed in the rose garden yeday. Basically, we opened U Europe, and that's going to be a gr T Europe a really going to be a great T for U and gng to be a for O faers. Reporter: But already today, European are backing away from the idea of ameri agricuural products, especially ify're genetically Ed, cost more cause of thipping distances or uhemicals banned in eu. Anin wionsin, where Slattery farsoybeans, T's fear the trade war willlasting Dage. For , is a great loss not just because the price dropped, but our future mke Wille away from us. Reporter: He say farmers S in this whole process. Ameri farmers Ari go T be watching Thi closel 're feelin the effects firs Terry Mon joins U live F the white house again tonight. And Y, president tru S the U.S. Will win Thi wautome of farmers Saye ld be permanen Reporter: That's right, David. Thnc thatit's taken years, simesecades American farmers and produrs to build the busin relations earn T market share and they're out of that market, competito from other countries are rush I to S all . The longer this trade war goe onthe R of GE greater. David?terr THA you again tonight. And there wnother development involving the

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{"duration":"3:36","description":"He landed a deal with Europeans but they are not keen on the idea of importing U.S. products if they cost more or use banned chemicals.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"56852014","title":"Trump assures farmers he's found trade-war fix: 'We're going to win'","url":"/WNT/video/trump-assures-farmers-found-trade-war-fix-win-56852014"}