Trump and Bloomberg battle on Twitter

Trump insulted Michael Bloomberg over his height again, prompting the billionaire Democratic presidential candidate to blast Trump as "a carnival barking clown."
2:20 | 02/14/20

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Transcript for Trump and Bloomberg battle on Twitter
Now to the race for 2020, and tonight, president trump and Mike Bloomberg trading insults. It's still going on tonight. Bloomberg saying he will spend whatever it takes to defeat the president. Here's ABC's Terry Moran tonight. Reporter: The battle of the New York billionaires is on. You should know that the president attacked me again this morning on Twitter. Why? Because he sees our poll numbers and he's scared. Reporter: President trump ripping into former New York City mayor Mike Bloomberg today, tweeting, "Mini Mike Bloomberg is a loser who has money but can't debate and has zero presence." Bloomberg then taunting trump, tweeting, "We know many of the same people in New York. Behind your back they laugh at you and call you a carnival barking clown." I'm not afraid of Donald Trump and he knows it. And that's why he keeps tweeting about me. Reporter: Later, trump, who has repeatedly tried to stir chaos in the democratic race, going after a real vulnerability for Bloomberg -- his stop and frisk policies as mayor. At its peak, more than half a million people a year -- most of them African-Americans and Latinos -- were stopped and frisked by police. 88% of the time, police found no reason to arrest them. A judge called it unconstitutional. Others called it racist. So trump, on ger ral doe Rivera's radio prom today -- Bloomberg came in and said, you know what, this thing is so good, I'm going to stop every black person, and if you were a black person in New York, you were stopped two times a day, three times a day. You couldn't go to your house. They were stopping you every day. Reporter: That's not true, by a long shot. And trump himself has long promoted stop and frisk as a success. Stop and frisk had a tremendous impact on the safety of New York City. Tremendous beyond belief. So, let's get to Terry Moran, with us live at the white house tonight. And former mayor Bloomberg declaring he's going to spend whatever it takes to try to defeat president trump? Reporter: That's right, David. He's already spent $380 million. That's of his own money. We've never seen anything like it. A staggering sum. Now president trump has his own war chest, but the most important numbers for him are those economic numbers. Most Americans are telling pollsters they feel better off today than they did in 2016 and for an incumbent president, history shows that's wind in the sails. David? Terry, thank you. Tonight, the senate has

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{"duration":"2:20","description":"Trump insulted Michael Bloomberg over his height again, prompting the billionaire Democratic presidential candidate to blast Trump as \"a carnival barking clown.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"68973726","title":"Trump and Bloomberg battle on Twitter","url":"/WNT/video/trump-bloomberg-battle-twitter-68973726"}