Trump disavows supporters chant of 'Send her back!' at rally

The chant played out for 13 seconds as he criticized Minnesota Congresswoman Ilhan Omar at the reelection event in North Carolina.
3:54 | 07/18/19

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Transcript for Trump disavows supporters chant of 'Send her back!' at rally
heat and the warning. But first, growing outrage over the president's tweets. The crowd chanting, "Send her back." After the president took aim and words sends her back. Jon Karl asking if he his tweet led them to this. The president takes no responsibility, and saying he was not happy about it. Jonathan Karl leading us off. Trump disavowing the words of his own supporters, who turned his tweet suggesting four democratic congresswomen "Go back" to the countries they came from into a chant. Send her back! Send her back! Reporter: The chant was loud and long. Today I asked the president why he let it happen. Why didn't you stop them? Why didn't you ask them to stop saying that? Well, number one, I think I did. I started speaking very quickly. It really was a loud -- I disagree with it, by the way. But it was quite a chant, and I felt a little bit badly about it. Reporter: So you'll tell your supporters never to say it again? Well, I would say that I -- I was not happy with it. I disagree with it. But again, I didn't say -- I didn't say that, they did. In' lk. Reporter: But they were echoing what you said in your first tweet, that they should go back. Well, I don't think, if you examine it, I don't think you'll find that. But I disagree with it. Reporter: But you'll stop them if they try to do it again? Well, I didn't like that they did it and I started speaking very quickly. I could have stood back. Reporter: You let it play out for 13 seconds. The president doesn't speak again until it dies down. OMAR has a history of launching vicious anti-semitic screens. Send her back! Send her back! Send her back! Send her back! When she talked about the evil Israel. Reporter: Later today, I asked him to speak directly to the people in that crowd. What would your message be for your supporters who are making that chant, again would you stop them? Well, these are people that love our country. I want them to keep loving our countrand I think the congresswomen, by the way, should be more positive than they are. The congresswomen have a lot of problems. Reporter: The president disavowed the chant after a growing outcry from his fellow Republicans. A Republican congressman from North Carolina who was at the rally tweeted that he, quote "Struggled" with the chant, and that words were "Painful to our friends in the minority communities." Republican house leader Kevin Mccarthy told reporters, quote, "Those chants have no place in our country." But then he defended the president. He never joined in on it, and you want to try to hold him accountable for something that happened in a big audience? Are you going to hold him accountable for whatever a protestor or something else does? I think that's an unfair position. Reporter: Outside the capitol, congressman OMAR was swarmed by cameras. This is not about me. This is about us fighting for what this country truly should be and what it deserves to be. Let's get right to Jon Karl at the white house tonight. Republican members of congress made an appeal this chant can't happen again. Reporter: The president heard from Republicans, and this morning, the vice president received an earful from the Republicans in a breakfast meeting. They said they were disturbed by the chant, and worried about the political throw back. Asked to relay the message to the president. I see in indication that the president has any regrets whatsoever over his own words. Jon Karl, thank you. Now the major heat wave threatening a part of the

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{"duration":"3:54","description":"The chant played out for 13 seconds as he criticized Minnesota Congresswoman Ilhan Omar at the reelection event in North Carolina.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"64427820","title":"Trump disavows supporters chant of 'Send her back!' at rally","url":"/WNT/video/trump-disavows-supporters-chant-send-back-rally-64427820"}