Trump thanks DOJ for Roger Stone decision

The department's leadership tossed out prosecutors' recommendation that the president's longtime friend get seven to nine years in prison.
2:46 | 02/13/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Trump thanks DOJ for Roger Stone decision
President trump doubling down tonight after that justice department revised the sentencing recommendation for Roger stone, the president's long-time confidant. The president just today thanking the justice department and attacking the four prosecutors who have now withdrawn fro the case after being overruled. The president criticizing the judge in the case, as well. And the president congratulating the attorney general, William Barr. Here's ABC's chief white house correspondent Jonathan Karl. Reporter: President trump gave a big thank you today to the justice department for overruling federal prosecutors who were seeking a stiff sentence for his long-time friend and political mentor, Roger stone. I want to thank the justice department for seeing this -- this horrible thing, and I didn't speak to them, by the way, just so you understand. They saw the horribleness of a nine-year sentence for doing Reporter: Actually, Roger stone was convicted last year of five counts of lying to congress, witness tampering and obstructing a congressional investigation. Federal prosecutors had a recommended a seven to nine year prison sentence. But the leadership of the justice department threw out that recommendation less than 12 hours after the president criticized it, tweeting, "Cannot allow this miscarriage of justice." All four prosecutors involved in the case withdrew in protest. They ought to go back to school and learn, because, I tell you, with the way they treated people. Nobody should be treated like that. Reporter: Some of the president's allies in congress say the president's tweets on this were inappropriate. I don't think the president should have tweeted about an ongoing case. Reporter: The president has also lashed out at the judge who is expected to sentence Roger stone next week. Are you considering a pardon for Roger stone? I don't want to say that yet. Reporter: Since the end of his impeachment trial, the president has been settling scores and sounding off. One senator who voted to acquit him had said she thought he had learned a lesson. In light of the presidnet's actions, do you think there's any lessons he learned from being impeached. I don't know what actions you're referring to. I've made very clear that I don't think anyone should be retaliated against. That has nothing to do with the basis by which I voted to acquit the president. Jon Karl with us live from the white house tonight. And Jon, Democrats have now called attorney general William Barr to testify about the president's influence over the justice department and you learned tonight that Barr has accepted? Reporter: Ah, yes. And look, both Democrats -- both the white house and the justice department have said that the president had absolutely no involvement in this decision to overrule prosecutors in the stone case, even though it came within hours of the president's tweet. But this will be a very contentious hearing, David. After all, there are questions now raised about the politicization of the justice department and the Independence of the attorney. Jon Karl at the white house again tonight. Jon, thank you.

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{"duration":"2:46","description":"The department's leadership tossed out prosecutors' recommendation that the president's longtime friend get seven to nine years in prison.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"68948671","title":"Trump thanks DOJ for Roger Stone decision","url":"/WNT/video/trump-doj-roger-stone-decision-68948671"}