Trump: 'I really believe I'd run in' Florida school during deadly shooting

At least 16 companies including Delta Air Lines have severed ties with the NRA.
3:00 | 02/27/18

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Transcript for Trump: 'I really believe I'd run in' Florida school during deadly shooting
And we do begin with president trump's own words today about the dead ly school shooting. The president hosting the nation's governors at the white house, criticizing the response and telling the governors he would have run into the school even without a weapon. ABC's chief white house correspondent Jonathan Karl leading us off. Reporter: President trump said today he likely would have showed courage under fire and run in to Stoneman Douglas high school himself to confront the killer. You know, I really believe, you don't know until you test it, but I think I would have run in there without a weapon. I think you in this room would have done that, too. Reporter: Speaking to a large bipartisan group of governors, the president revealed he had lunch Sunday with Wayne Lapierre, leader of the NRA, which is now under intense pressure. At least 16 corporations, including delta airlines, MetLife, and several major rental car companies have severed their ties with the NRA since the parkland shooting. The president called NRA leaders patriots, but he insisted he is not afraid to oppose them. And I want to tell you, they want to do something. I said, fellas, we have to do something. It's too long now. We have to do something. Don't worry about the NRA, they're on our side. Half of you are so afraid of the NRA. There's nothing to be afraid of, and you know what, if they're not with you, we have to fight them every once in a while. That's okay. Reporter: And one idea the president has embraced would require a fight. A plan to raise the minimum age for buying a rifle from 18 to 21. The NRA opposes the idea, and since the lunch with the president, he hasn't mentioned it, either. In concept, the president still supports it, but in terms of legislation, we'd need to see what that looks like before we weigh in further. Reporter: The idea the president seems most enthusiastic about remains allowing qualified teachers and school officials to carry concealed weapons to school. I want highly trained people that have a natural talent, like hitting a baseball, or hitting a golf ball, or putting. Reporter: But the governor of Washington state, Democrat Jay inslee, rose to confront the president. I've listened to the first grade teachers that don't want to be pistol packing. We need to listen that, educators should educate, and they should not be foisted upon this responsibility of packing heat in first grade classes, so I just suggest we need a little less tweeting here, a little more listening. Reporter: The president immediately turned to Republican Greg abbot, governor of Texas, one of a handful of states that allows qualified teachers to carry concealed weapons. Abbott said some schools actually have warning signs out front. Warning anybody coming in there that if they attempt to cause any harm, they're going to be in trouble. Well, I think that's great. Jon Karl with us live tonight at the white house. And Jon, as the president was addressing the governors, we know first lady me Lynn Ya trump was speaking to their spouses. She praised the high school students that have spoken out about gun control. Listen to them. I have been heartened to hear children across this country using their choices to speak out and try to create change. They're our future and they deserve a voice. Jon, the students have been taking on the NRA. President trump revealing that he had lunch with the head of the NRA over the weekend? Reporter: And you heard him say that he's willing to take on the NRA, to fight the NRA, but David, he has not supported a single piece of legislation, a single bill, that the NRA opposes, and this much is clear. Unless the president leads, congress is not going to act on any gun measures. He is going to have to push the Republican leadership to do it or they will not act. All right, Jon Karl leading us off on a Monday night.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"At least 16 companies including Delta Air Lines have severed ties with the NRA.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"53376475","title":"Trump: 'I really believe I'd run in' Florida school during deadly shooting","url":"/WNT/video/trump-run-florida-school-deadly-shooting-53376475"}