Trump tweets more criticism about Sessions

Officials say Trump and Sessions haven't spoken in days; sources allege Sessions plans to keep doing his job.
2:09 | 07/26/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Trump tweets more criticism about Sessions
The president tweeting about something else. Once again blasting his own pick for attorney general. One of his earliest supporters, Jeff sessions. He was seen leaving the white house today, but the president was not at the meeting. We ask, why the critical tweets? Why not just meet with your attorney general? Here's ABC's senior justice correspondent, Pierre Thomas. Reporter: Tonight the attorney general under intense scrutiny. Cameras cap dhuring Jeff sessions leaving the white house after a routine meeting. What sessions is facing is hardly routine. The president again today hammered sessions with a tweet. Why didn't A.G. Sessions replace acting FBI director with Mccabe? He calls him beleaguered and dazed. I'm disappointed with the attorney general. Reporter: Why doesn't he fire his attorney general if he is so unhappy with him? You can be diaappointed in someone and want them to continue to do their job, and that's where they are. Reporter: We have learned the two men haven't spoken in days. Make America great again. Reporter: A stunning reversible for the senator to endorse then-candidate trump, but we have learned that sessions has no intention of resigning and senators have been lining up behind the attorney general, and not the president. Jeff has been very loyal to the president, and I think he deserves loyalty back. Jeff sessions is an honorable man. Reporter: For the first time, we hear from a U.S. Attorney inside the justice department. Does he have support in the justice department? He enjoys wide support in the U.S. Attorney community, but in times like this, the men and women of the department of justice continue to do our work. Pierre Thomas with us live tonight from the justice department, and Pierre, we heard your report there. That president trump and his attorneyrney general haven't spoken in days. Why don't they just meet here? Reporter: Sessions has been at the white house at least twice this week. It would have been easy for the two to meet, but it's clear the president doesn't want to meet with sessions, at least not yet. He would rather tweet about him. Sources tell me sessions plans to keep his head down and do his job, David. Pierre Thomas with us again tonight.

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{"id":48873935,"title":"Trump tweets more criticism about Sessions","duration":"2:09","description":"Officials say Trump and Sessions haven't spoken in days; sources allege Sessions plans to keep doing his job.","url":"/WNT/video/trump-tweets-criticism-ag-jeff-sessions-48873935","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}