Trump Voters Make an Impact in the Rust Belt

Donald Trump made inroads in what was once safe Democratic country.
1:46 | 11/10/16

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Transcript for Trump Voters Make an Impact in the Rust Belt
Many of those protesters that you saw overnight pointing to the fact that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote more votes than Donald Trump but of course it is trump -- decisive win in the electoral map. Clinton supporters point to the FBI bombshell in the final days the new email investigation that would turn up nothing. But was there something else trumps victory with American workers in the Rust Belt once with the clintons connected with so well. ABC's David Wright from Scranton with some of those voters. Are the voters Bill Clinton turned to all those years ago white working class people. He felt their pain and they always came through for a game trooper Hillary Clinton to when she was running for senate in New York. And later for president in 2008. She beat Barack Obama by nearly ten points in Pennsylvania. With help from those white working class voters this year it was Donald Trump courting those blue collar voters down to the wire. At a packed rally here in Scranton Monday night. Today the New York Times reports Bill Clinton's sense trouble urging his wife's campaign to reach out Mort a voters in the Rust Belt. But reportedly he was ignored those voters especially white men. Voted overwhelmingly for trump. Was this a vote for trump or against Clinton who support him and I think of the office of the presidency. And Hillary Clinton has a personal connection to Scranton her dad was born here this is the lake house G comes every four years. She's run her personal best selling fashion conscious friends. Her father's buried over in Hartford street cemetery. You go by there anytime except maybe when she's coming here or there won't be a flower on the parade what are you hoping. Feature country around. There's more jobs. More than anything these voters told us they feel like the politicians in Washington. Haven't been listening to them. And they're hoping a businessman. Who bring a different perspective David David Wright thank you.

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{"id":43455150,"title":"Trump Voters Make an Impact in the Rust Belt","duration":"1:46","description":"Donald Trump made inroads in what was once safe Democratic country.","url":"/WNT/video/trump-voters-make-impact-rust-belt-43455150","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}