Trump's Inner Circle

Key positions up for grabs -- see what may be store for the future cabinet.
3:28 | 11/10/16

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Transcript for Trump's Inner Circle
That visited the White House tomorrow and we just 72 days until the inauguration. There is already speculation tonight about who will be in the cabinet who will be in Donald Trump's White House here's ABC's Mary groups. With Donald Trump headed to the White House and the GOP in solid control of Capitol Hill top Republicans today took the victory lap this is the most incredible political feat. I have seen in my lifetime. His cabinet in waiting may include familiar names like top surrogates Rudy Giuliani for attorney general or new Gingrich for secretary of state. Trumpet outlined a jam packed first 100 days the top order of business repeal and replace Obama care but what that will look like is unclear. Twenty million Americans have gained coverage under president Obama's signature law believe we will get rid of that I've been saying it for years trump is also promised middle class families a big tax cut 35%. But it's unknown how he'll pay for it. That's what they can use that money will go back into the economy. On border security. It. Trump has vowed to suspending immigration from regions linked to terrorism. And impose what he calls extreme bedding radical Islamic. Karen. Is right around the corner. We have to be so tough so Smart so vigilant. Trump is also eager to fill that seat on the Supreme Court vacant since February with the conservative justice and could get other chances to appoint more justices. Now just because they're from the same party that does not mean that Republicans in congress and the president elect only CI die on many issues like obamacare and they agree but on drums other priorities like immigration and trade. Those are gonna face an uphill battle on Capitol Hill David. You'll be covering it right there on Capitol Hill for us Mary thank you Donald Trump selection also sending shockwaves around the globe. As we were still on the air in the wee hours of the morning they were waking up to the news overseas. World leaders tonight sending messages and Vladimir Putin one of the first two way end. Here's ABC's chief foreign correspondent Terry Moran. Today in Moscow Vladimir Putin hailing the results and looking forward to a cozy relationship with the trump presidents. I want to congratulate the American nation prudence sad and mr. Donald Trump with this victory. Gordon even pointing out he was paying attention when trump praised him on the campaign trail. Six up visit she is I would get along I think with what I said he was a strong leader which is very different reactions to president elect trump in Mexico newspapers expressed horror. This summer then candidate trump faced off with president you do over Trump's plan for border wall today and did so called trump and afterward almost pleaded for good relations we need to build a relationship of trust he said. And German Chancellor Angela Merkel almost warning trump that she will cooperate only on the basis of values like. Respect for the law and the dignity of human beings. Terry Moran backed down in Times Square where we were there just a few hours ago still covering this election Terry a Donald Trump has some plans for its first 100 days that are. A pretty dramatic departure from the current administration. He sure does David other way to wild card on the world stage and world leaders will be watching them but in his first hundred days he has promised. He wants dubbed bill the wall a great big wall and make Mexico pay fort and he will halt he says. The resettlement of anti Syrian refugees is going to be very busy. David Terry Moran winners tonight.

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{"duration":"3:28","description":"Key positions up for grabs -- see what may be store for the future cabinet.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"43432758","title":"Trump's Inner Circle","url":"/WNT/video/trumps-circle-43432758"}