Trump's defiant stand after two stunning legal blows

The President admitted to giving payments to Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal in exchange for silence but added that since the money was out of his own pocket, no laws were broken.
4:26 | 08/22/18

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Transcript for Trump's defiant stand after two stunning legal blows
Us here a very busy wedne night. D we beginith the new fallout hour.the man whoe Saide would take a bullet for presid trump now implicated T president. Michael N pleading gy to eight units, including campaign fie violations. Just before wee on the air last night. President' former fixer tng E court he paid that hus money at theirection of then-candidate trump. Tonight, he's now signaling he's Y to talk the Sal counbout that more. At the whiou today, presidentru defiant. How responding. And our Cecilia vegaing the white use, if Cohen pleade guilty to these violationd if the president directed him at N told the court, did president commit a crime? Here's howhey answered. Cilia leading us off. Reporter: The white H today embatt and U fire. The president's former lawyer and fix the man who once said woulde a bullet for Donald Trump, now direct implicating the president a crime. R oath, Michael Cohen told a federal J that in the leadup to 2016 election he paid off por starydaniels, in coordion with a at the direction of Donald Trump, known that her claim of an affair would be harmful to the cae and the campai so, today, we asked -- president trump commit a E? As the president , we' stated many times, he did nothing wrong. Therere no charges again him. And we've common this extensively. Reporter:here have been nsive comments. Many of them cflting and downright false. In april a force one, president denied knowing anytbout the Paff to Daniels. Did younoll about the $130,000 payment srmy Daniels? No, no. What else? Hy did Cohen maket if there no truth to her gations? Well, you have T ask Michael Cohen. Michael Cohen is money and you'll have to ask Michael. Doou knowre he got the money to make thatyment? No, I don't know,no. Reporter: The president later admitted hembursed Cohen for the hush money pats earlier. Catandere Tay and say the president has N lied to the American people?so many people look back at that tape of on air force one say he knew nothing about these yments, en, in fact, we now know he kne every. So, has he lied? Look, again, I think that's a ridiculous accusation. The presin this has done nothing wrong and there are no charg against him. Eporter: Todn Twitter, the president falsely claim that, quote, Mel Cohen pled guilty two counts of camign finance violations that are a crime. Theyare, indeed, crime. Spelled out by federal prosecs. Ann Fox News, the president floating another fe D you know about payments? Ater on I knew.ter on. You have to understand, W he did, and they weren't taken out of campaign finance, that' the big thing, that's a much bigger thing. Did they come ohe campaign? D come outf the campaign.ey came from M Reporteut lawyers say that still doesn't make it legal if the M was never discd. And Cohen has release a secretly Recor conversat with the preside sng to discuss aer money arrangement Wehe election. WHE comes Tim for the financinhich will be - Listen. What G? We'll have to pay -- , No. No, no. Reporter: President now blasting his one-timeright-hand man, but publicly, he has nothing Bute his former campaign chairman manafort, convict defrauding the deal government and now facing life behind bars. H would like tonkge Ellis for granting him fair trial.thk the jury for theirery long and hard-fought deliberati he is evaluate a of his options at this point. Reporter: The president tweeting, "Feel badly Paul manafort and H wonderful fa. Unlike Michael cohen,e refused to break. Make up stories in ord toet deal. Such respect for a brave man." Posit words there Faul manafort T. Cecilia Vega joins usrom T white house. Ancilia, psidentru refusing to rule outardon for Rorter: David, far, says he is N thinking a a pardon for Paul fort, but in matter O weeks, manafor faces ad set charges, poially eve more time behind bars. So, the pressure right now is on. Does he plead guilty as P of a deal forency, David, or do hed out hope for a presidential pardwe'll soon find out. S , thank you. As I mentioned, Michael

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{"duration":"4:26","description":"The President admitted to giving payments to Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal in exchange for silence but added that since the money was out of his own pocket, no laws were broken.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"57344110","title":"Trump's defiant stand after two stunning legal blows","url":"/WNT/video/trumps-defiant-stand-stunning-legal-blows-57344110"}