Trump's open to changing mind on Kavanaugh

Trump says at a news conference in New York that he'll watch the testimony from Kavanaugh and a woman who's accusing the judge of sexual misconduct.
4:59 | 09/26/18

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Transcript for Trump's open to changing mind on Kavanaugh
an question front of T American people, begins morning. But it was just momeno, W ard the president lash out at the accusers, their allegat T democ says are is. But he also acknowledged for T time the could hear something tomorrow that could mind. Coulde pull thisnomination hesaid. Tonight, learned what jud Brett Kavanaugh will say when Heins torrow out drinking when he was Yo just learn what dlchlt chrtine blaseydwill what she willccuse himof. Ant there, you're seeing Dr. Ford taking tgraph test. Tonight, we'llee the results of thatreport,well. Andook at this tonight. E note jus pce on that republican chairman senate judic in his wrg, telling the cu"good luck do Dr. Ford." We have it covered tough seniorte house correspondent scecilia va leadings off. Reporter:onc' Kavanaugh's E accusers. Miscondu.there isthing that can be said betweenay tomorw that could cause you to withdraw th nomina? I won't get into that game. I only tell you this. This is one of the highest qualitpeople Thai've ever met. And everybody that knows him says the se thing. And these are false, tome, E are falseusations in ce CAS. Mr. President, have daugs. Cayou undersnd why a victim of sexual assaultld not report it at the ? Don' younderstand -- By the W, I only say this, I mean -- People are going toave make adecision.s, T's no arge. Al a sudden, therings are ov and rumors start coming out. Eenators are very people, eygood pe. I kw many of them, they're friends of mine. Thare very atale,ery od people they'rgoing to have to believe what they be Reporter: Stilhe president says he will be watch wn blasey Ford tells her so congress tomorrow a he now says 'S keeping anpend. Doou think these women, in. Are they liar I C't tell Yo to wat tomorrow. I have to read. I'm ING to see what happens torrow. I'm going to be watching.elieve it ot. I'm going to what's sd. It's possible that the Wil nvincing. I can always be coced. Snds like wt you're saying is there is a situat the is a scenario whi you wldra Brett kavanaugh'stion. Him? I ihoughte wuilty of something like yeahre. Says eve if he replacwoman, she D face accusatis, too. I could pick, ASN example, hopefully ion't hav as replacement, because hopefully this I going tgo or saturda Sunday or er they , but I cod piomannd she could have charges de from ma Y also. Den women have accusedheresident himself of sexual misconduct he denied it all. Buttoy, he his our experi influence how he sees turrent sittion. It doe impact M opinion, you know why? Because I've had lot O false chargemade against me. I'm a very famous unfortunately. I've bn a famous person for a long Tim I've had a false charges made againstme. I know friends thatav false S. Opant fame, they want money,atever,so en see it, I view it differently than somebody G at home watching television, where they say oh, judgvanaugh, this or A Vega joins us live tight from manh I know you were in that room for esident'sews nference. The president was also asked at messahe's sending to young men across thisountry by defending judge Kavanaugh so rongly, evenore hears from Dr. Ford.orr: David, this is the E young men president trump is se Y until proven innocent, it's not that way. He cold this a dangerous rio in O country, powerful cultu moment. I've to tellyou, David, this was an astoundingent in covering this presidency. Morehann hour and 20 mite than a dozen opics vered. Thisas supposed to be prest trump Ming his for his nominee ahead tomorrow's hearestion tonight, did he help or did he hurt him? Cecia Vega live in New York City Celia, thank Ds we sai tonight, we

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{"duration":"4:59","description":"Trump says at a news conference in New York that he'll watch the testimony from Kavanaugh and a woman who's accusing the judge of sexual misconduct.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"58107694","title":"Trump's open to changing mind on Kavanaugh","url":"/WNT/video/trumps-open-changing-mind-kavanaugh-58107694"}