TSA Announces Carry-On Restrictions After Sochi Threat

DHS warned airlines about possible plot to smuggle explosives in toothpaste tubes.
3:00 | 02/06/14

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Transcript for TSA Announces Carry-On Restrictions After Sochi Threat
We move on to a major development after that terror threat we reported on last night here. Worries about toothpaste being used to disguise bombs onboard planes to Russia for the olympics. Tonight, the U.S. Is banning all carry-on liquids to Russia. With the athletes there and 65 world leaders arriving, that's a record, nerves could not be higher. Brian Ross tonight. Reporter: American authorities say this is the target, a passenger jet flying in today over the sochi olympic vill only, full of athletes and spectators. And this is the worry. Tubes of toothpaste. That a team of terror operators could use to smuggle explosives onboard. Once onboard an aircraft, they would be able to pass off several containers and put the product together to get more bang for your buck. Reporter: Delta and other airlines announced a ban on liquids, gels, aerosols and powders on coarry-ons into Russia. The U.S. Isn't going to let anything happen to us. We have some pretty good backing everywhere. Reporter: But the concerns goes beyond the airport. And current and former authorities say, they are not that confident that the Russian security ring of steel, with its armed officers, naval ships, surveillance blimps and anti-missile batteries hidden in the mountains will be enough to stop a determined terrorist. The U.S. Says it is ready for anything that could happen in sochi, with small teams of armed personnel guarding American athletes. And two U.S. Navy ships now in international waters somewhere in the black sea off of sochi. Brian, you'll remain on this every step of the way. Thanks to you.

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{"id":22401642,"title":"TSA Announces Carry-On Restrictions After Sochi Threat","duration":"3:00","description":"DHS warned airlines about possible plot to smuggle explosives in toothpaste tubes.","url":"/WNT/video/tsa-announces-carry-restrictions-sochi-threat-22401642","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}