Twin hurricane threat closes in on Gulf of Mexico

Two potential hurricanes are expected to make landfall roughly two days apart.
3:31 | 08/24/20

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Transcript for Twin hurricane threat closes in on Gulf of Mexico
We begin tonight with the breaking news the twin hurricane threat closing in on the goal at this hour to potential hurricanes expected to make landfall about two days apart. Hurricane Marco taking aim first after lashing away at southern Mexico the cat one storm expected to make landfall along the Louisiana coast tomorrow. Tropical storm laurel over the Caribbean and gaining strength. Knocking out power to 200000 customers in Puerto Rico that storm now blamed for several deaths in Haiti and the Dominican Republic. The storm could also hit Louisiana as a hurricane by Wednesday. And hurricane hunters fly into the storm today the coast now bracing for an unprecedented event. Back to back hurricanes taking aim at the seams state just 48 hours apart ABC's senior meteorologist rob Marciano in New Orleans to lead us off. Tonight the Gulf Coast ready for old 12 punch of destructive storms from. Tropical storm Laura peering through Haiti killing at least five people. Flood waters causing this home to collapse the Dominican Republic also taking a devastating hit killing at least three people there. Desperate residents rescued by boat. In Puerto Rico at one point 200000 without power. Now hurricane Marco taking aim as the first threat to the lower 48. Skirting Cancun Mexico its New Orleans in the cross hairs of the first hit. There's never been anything we seem like this before work you could have possibly two hurricanes. I'm hitting within miles of each other over and over 48 hour period. The mayor of grand I'll issuing a mandatory evacuation as a National Guard loads large sandbags. And stacks them along the coast expecting a six foot storm search. Colleges in the area already impacted by Colby at nineteen now forced to take more precautions. You're on at Tulane campus they've put up these temporary structures like this dining halls of and kids can spread up strength over nineteenth. And these massive class and they're pretty solid university says there built up exactly standards cannot take any jets on storms this week relevant classes online. Hurricane hunters flying into the storm. And Louisiana governor warning back to back storms could leave residents without help for days. In the first 72 hours. His own use. And that is because. This second storm comes in so close that there may not be much of a window. When we can swat search and rescue. Helicopter. Perish. Or let's get right to rob right now in New Orleans tried to both these storms. Rob good evening. Good eighty top remarkable situation continues to unfold in a forecast. That continues to change so let's get right to it these do storms now about 900 miles apart Laura is a bigger one. Marco the smaller more fickle one but certainly the more imminent threat. To the US with hurricane warnings posted for southeast Louisiana we got tropical storm warnings poster for Cuba and watch is up for the keys with Laura let's go through the track of Marco first category one expected to make landfall somewhere along the Louisiana coast by tomorrow. And then drift into Texas with heavy rain and some wind there not just rain could flood New Orleans but a storm surge piece of the senator a can be two to six feet. Now Laura we'll get into the Gulf of Mexico what it does so we do expect more significant strengthening from this storm warm waters bigger storm potentially category two or three making landfall along the upper Texas coast port Louisiana during the day on Wednesday that would be to potential hurricane in the same two states. Just two days apart Tom and that first storm making landfall as early yes tomorrow alright rob thank you.

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{"duration":"3:31","description":"Two potential hurricanes are expected to make landfall roughly two days apart. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"72557098","title":"Twin hurricane threat closes in on Gulf of Mexico","url":"/WNT/video/twin-hurricane-threat-closes-gulf-mexico-72557098"}