Twisters Destroy More Than a Dozen Homes

Series of damaging storms rips across Texas with heavy wind gusts up to 110 mph and six inches of rain in some places.
1:38 | 03/08/16

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Transcript for Twisters Destroy More Than a Dozen Homes
Next to the severe weather alert at this hour at least sixteen million Americans bracing tonight already at least three tornadoes. Ripping across Texas rooftops ripped off homes destroyed tonight. Heavy rain up to a half a foot board is expected flash flooding taking at least one life system all the way from Texas to Illinois. ABC's Phillip Bennett in Texas tonight on the scene at this hour. Powerful storms roaring through the lone star state. At this gas station in Saginaw Texas winds gusting to seventy miles an hour with being discounted beat the starlets. Everybody that's just and then they're scared to death. And could hurt in tornadoes. It's even built the top of the department's ripped off another in the town of cool these folks are here about us now with what they can for as. This is damage from winds over 85 miles an hour well. Power flashes caused by this tornado under two polar lighting up the sky. Hard elk about time I looked out at sea routes coming off in Spain and Jimmy hill helping pull two injured from the rubble more than a dozen homes here damaged or destroyed. To for a eventual rain leading to multiple high water rescues. Including six students and their driver after their school bus got stuck and I deep waters outside Denton. At least one person dying in flood waters near Houston. David this is where the home was and in an instant it was blown. Fifteen feet of cross the road. And tonight. Friends or trying to salvage a lifetime of memories as this community braces. For another round of storms David just an incredible scene and no break in sight Philip thing.

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{"id":37503667,"title":"Twisters Destroy More Than a Dozen Homes","duration":"1:38","description":"Series of damaging storms rips across Texas with heavy wind gusts up to 110 mph and six inches of rain in some places.","url":"/WNT/video/twisters-destroy-dozen-homes-37503667","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}