Unruly Passenger Causes Plane to Be Diverted

Out of an "abundance of caution," the Las Vegas bound plane was diverted to Detroit due to an agitated passenger.
2:21 | 06/14/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Unruly Passenger Causes Plane to Be Diverted
It has happened again, another unruly passenger forcing a packed flight to land. This time it was all caught on camera. You can see it right there, a man losing it for reasons that are not yet clear as we go on the air tonight. The flight had just taken off from New York's JFK on its way to Las Vegas, but the pilot quickly diverted. ABC's Linzie Janis tonight on the growing number of unruly fliers and what can be done about it. Reporter: A chaotic moment aboard this jet blue plane, an agitated passenger shouting and then appearing to lunge at this man who needed help to cuff him. Listen again. You can hear the passenger's daughter pleading with him to stop. Dad, dad, stop it! Dad, stop it! Reporter: Jet blue says the captain diverted the plane to Detroit out of an abundance of caution. Passengers were forced to sit on the tarmac for two hours before taking off for Las Vegas. It's not clear what provoked the passenger but ABC news has learned he was taken by authorities in Detroit to a local hospital. Incidents like this one have soared to more than 8200 last year up from more than 5200 the year before. This flight had to make an emergency landing in Atlanta, and this drunk passenger was so violent, fellow passengers duct taped him to his seat. A veteran flight attendant told our Steve osunsami stress is pushing some passengers over the edge. I think because the flights are so full nowadays, that really gets people worked up and getting through security, the fees that are involved with checking baggage and the hidden fees, I think leads to people being a little bit more on edge when they fly nowadays. Reporter: An airline trade association now encouraging airlines to go after problem passengers for the cost of these disruptions. As much as $200,000 for diverted flights. We just spoke to a passenger on that jet blue flight. He told us the agitated man had been yelling and arguing with family members, at one point standing up and banging on the seats in front of him. Dan, another scary in-flight incident for everybody on board.

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{"id":24142936,"title":"Unruly Passenger Causes Plane to Be Diverted","duration":"2:21","description":"Out of an \"abundance of caution,\" the Las Vegas bound plane was diverted to Detroit due to an agitated passenger.","url":"/WNT/video/unruly-passenger-plane-diverted-24142936","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}