Urgent Warning From NYC Mayor Over Legionnaire's Disease Deaths

Officials concerned that there may be more cases in the future.
2:21 | 08/05/15

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Transcript for Urgent Warning From NYC Mayor Over Legionnaire's Disease Deaths
We will be watching, thanks. A warning about an invisible danger, an airborne disease showing up in two states. Legionnaires' disease, the break out in New York City, seven deaths. At least 86 fallen ill. Look at this, air conditioning towers able to spread the mist carrying the deadly bacteria. Now a case in Michigan that set in and quickly claiming the life of a mother. Dr. Besser is standing by. First, Cecilia Vega. Tonight, an urgent call from the mayoroff New York. Symptoms include fever, cough, and shortness of breath. If you have these symptoms please immediately seek treatment. Reporter: Five new cases of legionnaires disease in the past 24 hours alone. In all, 86 people infected, 7 deaths. An outbreak traced back to five contaminated water cooling towers. Experts say the airborne bacteria can spread from large air conditioning systems, showers, even public fountains. This is one of the locations in the bronx where legionnaires' diseases started from a contaminated cooling tower on the top of this hospital. It's an invisible mist that travels up to seven miles away and the people who contracted it were most likely doing exactly what I'm doing right now, just walking in the neighborhood around New York's residents are worried. It's very scary! Reporter: And now, another case in Detroit. 58-year-old Debbie Kidd complained of a migraine last week. Last night, she died. Doctor's say it was legionnaires'. The cooling towers here in new York have been cleaned. But legionnaires' disease can have a period that lasts up to two weeks. Doctors here in New York fear there could be more cases to come. Thanks so much. Let's get to Dr. Richard Besser. I don't want to alarm people out there. But you can catch it simply walking down the street. That's right. That is why the outbreaks were so concerning. I was up on a roof in one of the cooling towers. If they are not maintained, the outbreaks can happen. People are going to wonder if their own air conditioning units can spread it at home. It's totally different. The good news your window or home air conditioning unit can't cause this disease. Okay. In the meantime, we turn to the manhunt under way at this

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{"duration":"2:21","description":"Officials concerned that there may be more cases in the future.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"32886854","title":"Urgent Warning From NYC Mayor Over Legionnaire's Disease Deaths","url":"/WNT/video/urgent-warning-nyc-mayor-legionnaires-disease-deaths-32886854"}