The US paint company behind Fenway Park's 'Green Monster'

Benjamin Moore paint is used all over Boston's field, including on the famous scoreboard.
3:18 | 05/08/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for The US paint company behind Fenway Park's 'Green Monster'
Finally tonight here, made in America is back, traveling across the country all this month. And first stop, the famed green monster. And it turns out, a perfect made in America shade of green. Made in America, and tonight, walking into Boston's Fenway park. Built in 1912, the oldest in the country. And part of its lure, the green monster. But before we take you there, the tiny but colorful shop beneath the stands. This is the paint shop? This is the paint shop. Reporter: Show me what you got. Bob Devlin's been a painter here for 26 years. Showing us the paint cans. Looks familiar. Yes, it does. Fence green. Benjamin Moore. Made in America. And Fenway painters have been using it on the green monster for years. When I was a reporter here in Boston, I used to come to Fenway all the time, but never quite had access to the field like this. But we were there this time with a mission. A made in America one. Fenway park. That Benjamin Moore paint used all over Fenway. The field pads, too. So, let me as. Most people are watching the game, but are you watching, saying, oh, there goes a player right into one of my pads? Then he hands it to me. You can go down. Reporter: All right. Bob, the veteran painter, inspecting closely. What do you think? Beautiful. Reporter: There's also the yellow, for the famed pesky pole. So, I heard this is tradition for people to sign this. And you come around and -- Exacly. It's just a battle going back and forth. Reporter: So Linda, Tracy and Jason, sorry guys. Bob puts us to work again. But where do they perfect that yellow, and more importantly, that green? 38 miles away, millford, Massachusetts. Manufacturing manager Bernie Hilton on the line for 34 years. So, there's your green monster. Reporter: And back at Fenway, getting the job done, long before the red sox take the field again. And as we approach it, the retired player now helping to train. Pedro? Pedro Martinez. The scoreboard is still done by human beings behind the green monster. Four of them working a game. And just how big of a job does Bob have on his hands every year? I wanted to give you an idea how tall, how big this wall is. Take a look up. It is 37 feet, 2 inches tall. And the original reason they built this wall? To keep the people over on landsdowne street from checking out a free game. Historian. Green monster paint on me. Bring it on. Reporter: Taking us inside the scoreboard. So, this is it. This is it. Reporter: I notice they got the cracker jacks ready to go. Reporter: The metal numbers painted fence green, each of them about two pounds, 16 inches tall. And you can just slide it right down in here. Reporter: All right. Congratulations. You are an official scoreboard operator. Reporter: But this New York reporter by way of Boston is very careful when it comes to the score. While back at that plant tonight, go sox. And something else. Made in America! Made in America, we love it. And don't you love it, there are human becomes behind that scoreboard. Thanks for watching here on a Monday night, I hope to see you right back here tomorrow.

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{"duration":"3:18","description":"Benjamin Moore paint is used all over Boston's field, including on the famous scoreboard. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"54998341","title":"The US paint company behind Fenway Park's 'Green Monster'","url":"/WNT/video/us-paint-company-fenway-parks-green-monster-54998341"}