US reaches 8 million diagnosed cases of COVID-19

Dr. Anthony Fauci said that more than 30 states are “going in the wrong direction” as hospitalizations rise.
3:22 | 10/16/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for US reaches 8 million diagnosed cases of COVID-19
Now to the new urgency about the coronavirus in this country as cases hit a grim few milestone today. More than 8 million confirmed cases here in the U.S. The death toll more than 218,000. Pfizer announcing they could submit a vaccine for emergency approval at the end of November. What former governor Chris Christie is saying after spending seven days in the icu with covid about not wearing a mask at the white house for that rose garden event and debate prep, saying it was all a big here's Alex Perez. Reporter: Tonight another grim milestone, more than 8 million Americans infected with the virus. Cases now climbing in nearly every corner of this country. Seeing the heat map, how it lights up with test positivity, that is in more than 30-plus states is going in the wrong direction. Reporter: 39 states with rising hospitalizations, 13 hitting records just this week, and now the number of deaths also climbing at more hospitals get overwhelmed. All of our frontline providers, who are doing an amazing job taking care of our patients, as many know there has been a huge surge of cases in Utah. Our hospitals are getting full. Reporter: The first covid patients arriving at that field hospital set up outside Milwaukee. After spending seven days in the icu, former New Jersey governor Chris Christie telling "Gma" the virus hit him like a freight train. All of a sudden I got fever and chills and body aches, and I was just racked with pain and exhaustion. And it all happened very quickly. Within 24 hours I went from feeling absolutely fine to being in the intensive care unit. Reporter: Christie tested positive after not wearing a mask during the president's debate preps and that superspreader event at the white house. He now says he's learned a lesson. I let my guard down. It was wrong. It was just a big mistake. Leaders all across politics, sports, the media, should be saying to people, put your masks on and be safe. Until we get a vaccine that can help to protect us completely. Reporter: In the race for a vaccine, pfizer today saying if all goes well, they could have a vaccine ready to send for emergency authorization soon after the third week of November. A vaccine can't come soon enough. In Florida, unimaginable loss for the family of Jerry Jones, the 51-year-old veteran and ems first responder who died of the virus just a day after his 41-year-old sister also lost her life to covid. I had to call Jerry's mom, and tell her that her child didn't make it after the day before she'd gotten the phone call about her daughter not making it. Two blows. Two devastating blows. Those were their only children. Just awful. A mother losing her daughter and son just a day apart. And Alex joins us now from outside an emergency room in Chicago tonight. Alex, I know that Illinois is just one of the states tonight seeing record cases and increases in hospitalizations? Reporter: Yeah, David, some very alarming numbers. Illinois breaking its own record of new cases. A record that was set just yesterday. Across the country, some 63,000 new cases have been reported. We have not seen numbers like this since July. David? Alex Perez on this for us again tonight. With all of this plays out

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{"duration":"3:22","description":"Dr. Anthony Fauci said that more than 30 states are “going in the wrong direction” as hospitalizations rise.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"73663569","title":"US reaches 8 million diagnosed cases of COVID-19","url":"/WNT/video/us-reaches-million-diagnosed-cases-covid-19-73663569"}