US Warships on the Move to Iraq

Reinforcements sent to secure and evacuate U.S. embassy.
3:00 | 06/16/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for US Warships on the Move to Iraq
Now to the other major story tonight new -- the White House is now considering sending special forces into Iraq. To help advise Iraqi troops no final decision made. President Obama huddling with his national security team tonight and among the concerns protecting the US embassy in just look. You can see it right there the embassy about 5000 US citizens live -- work there many on the move already. And at this hour another American warship is now headed toward a rock all of this coming after those horrifying images over the weekend. Iraqi soldiers in civilian clothes many trained by American forces being targeted by Islamic militants. ABC's chief global affairs correspondent Martha Raddatz is in Baghdad force again tonight. Tonight President Obama told congress he is sending up to 275. Soldiers and Marines -- were wrong. -- 172. Protected Americans at the embassy in Baghdad. It is a 700 million dollar fortress eight -- -- fields in size built to withstand attack. But tonight we have learned a significant number of the 5000 who lived and worked -- have been evacuated. This as that ferocious terror group ice -- took down yet another city. They are Sunni Muslims driven to quash their bitter enemy that Shia Muslim forces of Iraq's government. As they roll they are getting help from Sunnis across the country. It is why today America added to its list of options the warship on the move today -- five osprey tilt rotor aircraft which could help in an evacuation. But if the US chooses to strike the militants there is now in place. A US carrier able to launch forty fighter jets to bomb the militants. And two ships -- -- fire cruise missiles President Obama is also considering sending 100 special operations forces to Iraq. As advisors to Iraqi troops. But in Baghdad. There was no way. This morning and watched thousands of young men fled through the gates have been army -- And -- Santa -- how -- out spontaneously. They are anywhere from about twelve years old and but some have already lost family members to the jihadist fighters. Young and old -- -- any training but today in Baghdad. We also found -- and celebration in bits that -- a wedding. A new family that somehow through it all looks to the future. But the threat to this city tonight is very real -- Iraqi Security Forces -- -- the city checkpoints everywhere. Of course the US says it will work with Iran to try to stop the militants but the people we have spoken to. Believe it is up to -- to defend this city Martha Raddatz incredible reporting again tonight thank you mark.

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{"id":24166862,"title":"US Warships on the Move to Iraq","duration":"3:00","description":"Reinforcements sent to secure and evacuate U.S. embassy.","url":"/WNT/video/us-warships-move-iraq-24166862","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}