Major Cities Brace for Giant Nor'Easter

New storm system may create travel headaches across the Northeast during busy holiday season.
1:18 | 12/28/12

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Transcript for Major Cities Brace for Giant Nor'Easter
We'll turn to the second major winter storm in a week. The system is already moving through the south, tracking up to the northeast. In arkansas tonight, tens of thousands are still without power after the christmas day blizzard that dumped 15 inches on that state alone. This evening, the new storm could make holiday travel a nightmare. Let's bring back in harvey leonard who was with us last night here. Great to have you back. Where's the system headed? Good to be with you too. The storm's pulling out of the gulf, spreading snow sfr southern missouri, it will go through illinois, indiana, ohio, and pennsylvania. Then tomorrow, it will spread through the major cities of the northeast. As it continues to move, the heaviest snow will be moving from new york into new england. Slides off the coast and is done by sunday morning. It's a one-two punch for the millions of americans planning to travel this weekend? Absolutely. And a lot of snow is falling on places that already had snow. Across the midwest, three to six inches of snow. Washington may have rain mixed in, so juch slush. Philadelphia, one to three. New york city, two to four. Boston and providence, three to six or a little more and heavy and weight, which will make travel saturday afternoon and night very difficult.

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{"id":18086096,"title":"Major Cities Brace for Giant Nor'Easter","duration":"1:18","description":"New storm system may create travel headaches across the Northeast during busy holiday season.","url":"/WNT/video/us-winter-weather-report-2012-major-cities-brace-18086096","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}