Virus Vanishes From University of Texas

Virus vial that could bring high death rate believed discarded during cleaning.
1:33 | 03/25/13

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Transcript for Virus Vanishes From University of Texas
We turn now to a troubling headline about a tube of potentially deadly virus misplaced. How could that happen? And what about a new report about safety in biological labs. Here's abc's david kerley. Reporter: Tts a small frozen vile that contains a potentially deadly virus. And one of though vials is missing. It's a virus from a mouse that could cause hemorrhagic fever. Officials believe the vieial was discarded during cleaning and poses no risk. But the news comes on the same day that government investigators in a new report question lab management in our country. The texas lab is one of 13 in the country with the highest desination, level four, housing the baddest bugs out there, smallpox, antlox and ebowla. There are more than 1,400 prelabs in the country too. Only one vieial was lost in a six-month period. But there were 600 separate releases of an agent inside labs. 11 lab workers sickened. Tonight government investigators are calling for much more oversight, saying there's no federal agency responsible for these labs and no national standards on how to build a lab. In my mind, it's not a crisis, but it's a wake-up call. It's a call for greater action and coordinated action. Reporter: Coordinated to keep these deadly viruses secure. Now we want to show you a

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{"id":18810064,"title":"Virus Vanishes From University of Texas","duration":"1:33","description":"Virus vial that could bring high death rate believed discarded during cleaning.","url":"/WNT/video/virus-vanishes-university-texas-18810064","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}