Warmer Weather for Second Inauguration

A look back at the coldest and harshest days in inauguration history.
1:57 | 01/20/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Warmer Weather for Second Inauguration
You'll remember in previous years, during the reagan administration, his second inaugural was a lot worse. So you would cold they had to go inside. Snow filling the stands. In 1937, it was the wettest january on record. Fdr decided if the crowd could handle the elements, so could he. Just before we came on the air, we checked the forecast. THEY'RE EXPECTING 30s, CHILLY, But not bad. We're grateful for that. Rain or shine the abc news team will be here throughout the day with live coverage starting with "good morning america" and continuing throughout the day. The entire team along the parade route. We'll see you tomorrow. Bitter cold freezing a big stretch of the country. Wro blowing arctic winds along with it and clayton sandell is tracking the front for us. Reporter: A weekend weather mess across the plains and midwest. This year definitely the worst I've seen. Reporter: Around fargo, north dakota, roads were barely drivable. Sub zero blizzards bringing 50 mile an hour winds. Got the white knuckle grip trying to hold it on the road. Reporter: Across the detroit area, those winds knock the out power to about 200,000 customers. In utah, icy roads turned highways deadly. Garrett barker and cal halterman were in a pickup that careened over a guard rail in salt lake city, crashing 30 feet below. The young couple, their unborn baby and four dogs were killed. By monday much of the northeast can expect snow and cold. The upper midwest is already in a deep freeze. A minus 14 windchill in wisconsin today. Cold enough to turn boiling water into freezing mist. And as for those bitter cold temperatures that gripped much of the west last week, they've moved on. In denver today, a balmy 46 degrees.

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{"id":18266642,"title":"Warmer Weather for Second Inauguration","duration":"1:57","description":"A look back at the coldest and harshest days in inauguration history.","url":"/WNT/video/warmer-weather-inauguration-18266642","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}