Watch Out for Airport Theft When Traveling for the Holidays

Advice on how you can protect your bags from being stolen at the airport.
3:00 | 11/25/13

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Transcript for Watch Out for Airport Theft When Traveling for the Holidays
answers team is back with more than 25 million people flying over thanksgiving, it may surprise you to know that weather and flight delays may not be your only worry. This year the number of bags lost, broken or stolen is on the rise, too. Abc's cecilia vega shows how to make sure what you pack stays in your suitcase. Reporter: Caught on camera, a luggage thief in denver walks up to the baggage claim and walks out with a bag that is not his. In phoenix, a recent spike in stolen bags has officers doing random security checks, making travelers prove they own the suitcases they're leaving with. You know the feeling, telling us what's gone missing from your bags. A three hundred dollar watch. Diamond earrings that I wore on my wedding day. I looked away for a second and my nook was gone. Are we all velnerable? Absolutely. Reporter: They can be stolen right off the carosel or by the very people who are supposed to keep passengers safe. Surveillance video caught this tsa officer in the act walking off with a laptop left behind at a checkpoint. The tsa says over the past decade more than 400 workers have been fired for stealing from travelers. How do you protect your stuff? If you have something that you cannot live without, you don't put it in your bag. Carry it on. That's it. Reporter: Experts say even if you are forced to check your luggage at the last minute, back computers, jewelry and other valuables in a smaller bag and keep it with you always. And about that luggage? You got that junky suitcase you might be embarrassed to travel with. That's the one you should take with you. Also get to the baggage claim quickly. The fewer people between you and your bag, the more likely you'll leave with it. If your bag or the contents do disappear, file a claim quickly. Some airlines give travelers just four hours to report missing bags. After that, it's your loss, making frustrating holiday travel downright painful. Cecilia vega, abc news, los

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{"id":21011451,"title":"Watch Out for Airport Theft When Traveling for the Holidays","duration":"3:00","description":"Advice on how you can protect your bags from being stolen at the airport.","url":"/WNT/video/watch-airport-theft-traveling-holidays-21011451","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}