Wedding Crashers Cash In at Gift Tables

Thieves apparently sneaking into weddings and stealing the gifts meant for the bride and groom.
1:50 | 07/30/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Wedding Crashers Cash In at Gift Tables
You would think the last thing a bride and groom would have to think about is protecting their gifts from their guests. A new breed of wedding crashers is looting gift tables when everyone else is on the dance floor. We asked linzie janis how to keep the crashers out and get your gifts home. Reporter: In the movies, "wedding crashers" just want to find dates and free drinks. But sometimes real life wedding crashers are criminals. Police are investigate gating how this man came in and went out carrying cash and gift cards. Police think he may have been involved in three wedding thefts this month. This is pathetic how this is how you're making money. You're ruin the happiest day of somebody's life. Look at the man, licking an envelope and stealing thousands of dollars of cash. In pennsylvania this crasher stealing this bird cage with gifts. We hope that other brides don't have to deal with this situation and lock down their money and their bird cages or whatever they use. Reporter: Wedding planners like mya calman say your big day can be an easy target. Between $200 to $500 apiece times 200 guests. That's a lot of money sitting in a room. Keep it near the bride and groom. Also, a bigger box is harder to steal. Make sure you empty it regularly. Definitely have someone you trust who p isn't a big drinker or partier to keep an eye on it. Reporter: That way the bride and groom can keep their eyes on each other. One more think to check on.

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{"id":19821572,"title":"Wedding Crashers Cash In at Gift Tables","duration":"1:50","description":"Thieves apparently sneaking into weddings and stealing the gifts meant for the bride and groom.","url":"/WNT/video/wedding-crashers-cash-gift-tables-19821572","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}