Wild Weather Causes Coastal Extremes

Fierce storms and flooding out west; torrid heat hits stretch of East Coast.
1:56 | 09/08/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Wild Weather Causes Coastal Extremes
And now, to the extreme weather tonight. Heavy rains and the flash flooding that followed, turning streets into mud-filled rivers. And look at this tonight. A sinkhole triggered in utah under intense downpours. And a new concern tonight, about the week ahead. Intense heat during the day, while at night, the first frost warnings of the season. Abc meteorologist ginger zee on it all, starting with the pictures coming in tonight. Reporter: Muddy and overflowing in the southwest. Look at this. I'm up to my -- I'm probably almost a foot deep in water right now. Reporter: Watch the storms blasting over the field at brigham young university. Some spots picking up three quarters of an inch of rain in just 15 minutes. In southern california -- you can just hear twigs snapping in there. Reporter: Flash flooding transforming this desert land into roaring rapids in just minutes. Here's the wash. As we've seen so often in recent weeks, it happens so quickly. Ginger with us now. More flooding on tap? Reporter: As we go through monday and tuesday, david, i want to show you how much rain is going to fall. This is, at times, will come all at once. In the areas in red, tucson, flagstaff, up into parts of western colorado and right there, to cedar city, one to two inches, that's a lot of rain, that could come quickly. Incredible. A week of extremes, you mentioned. Heat and then frost warnings in another part of the nation. Reporter: I've got them both for you tonight. A big story. In the heartland, that's where we've seen the real heat. Today, a record -- not a record, but close at 100 in kansas city. Tomorrow, 98. Min y'all list, if they get to 86, that will be a record. They are at least four states with heat advisories. We have to go to the other side, that would be the frost. Frost advisories in place for parts of five states in null england. Saranac lake will drop to 27. Chilly here in new york city at 57. September in new england.

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{"id":20195897,"title":"Wild Weather Causes Coastal Extremes","duration":"1:56","description":"Fierce storms and flooding out west; torrid heat hits stretch of East Coast.","url":"/WNT/video/wild-weather-coastal-extremes-20195897","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}