Wild Weather Slams Midwest

Tornado rips through Michigan; heavy rain, hail turn parking lots into rivers.
1:20 | 09/21/14

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Transcript for Wild Weather Slams Midwest
In the middle of the country, severe storms delivering too much of it. And the last weekend of summer, hail blanketed the ground in Minnesota. Wind so strong, they knocked over a tent outside of church and turned this parking lot in a slow moving river. In Michigan an ef-1 tornado in metro Detroit ripped roofs off homes and uprooted trees. Our senior meteorologist rob Marciano with the weather. It's the southwest that is going to gets hit. Yeah, and places with heavy rain. And in Texas, up to a foot of rainfall. And take a look at the watches. Locally, you can see three inches of rainfall. And Idaho as well, an a bit of rain. And there is the forecast, and the hardest hit spots in Texas and New Mexico. We would like to get the heavier rain in the fire areas. Oregon and Washington will get the rain this week. We are starting to slide in the rainy season. And in the fall too. It arrives tomorrow officially at 10:39 eastern time, at night. And after that, we will get fall weather. And it will feel soupy and summery tonight. But a cold front will cool us down and get us to average or below average. In places like Pittsburgh, 60 degrees for a high temperature tomorrow. That will feel like fall. Get out the jackets. Rob, thank you.

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{"duration":"1:20","description":"Tornado rips through Michigan; heavy rain, hail turn parking lots into rivers.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"25664469","title":"Wild Weather Slams Midwest","url":"/WNT/video/wild-weather-slams-midwest-25664469"}