Winter Blast Breakdown

The unrelenting deep freeze is making your drive home dangerous.
3:00 | 01/24/14

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Transcript for Winter Blast Breakdown
is. That unrelenting deep freeze making the ride home dangerous. As far south as Houston, a city bus giving up, the passengers simply had to give you off. This firefight in New Jersey and the accidents across more than two dozen states. Possible driving in the Texas here's why this evening, a surge of arctic air, New Orleans normally 26 degrees. Tonight, 32. Meteorologist ginger zee right here, will it be super bowl Sunday this year or a different day because of the cold. But first, Steve osunsami on the urgent call for people to stay home. Reporter: Authorities today warning people to stay off the road and so many people aren't listening. Two people died in traffic accidents in Louisiana. Police near Austin, Texas, tell us they've responded to more than 260 crashes and Houston had double that. Amy Alexander went out for a run to the grocery store and got into a wreck along the way. You can't control it. You hit a patch of ice and you're gone. That's it. Reporter: And here what happened to a Houston police officer helping back up this bus that got stuck on the ice -- The collision was a war zone. Louder than a gunshot. Reporter: It was heartbreaking work for firefighters in Quebec, Canada, so cold, they're having to use steam to melt the ice at the scene of this deadly fire at a seniors home. Eight people were killed, dozens are unaccounted for and they're worried there are still victims inside behind the ice. Every person that's involved in this operation -- people are working very hard. Reporter: At this burning apartment complex in nicholasville, Kentucky -- I was out there with my jacket half on -- Reporter: The shivering firefighters out there are trying to fight fires in freezing temperatures. And of all this cold comes as many families are already spending more on fuel to heat their homes. Nearly 6 million Americans who use propane are now paying nearly a dollar more a gallon than they did last week. Today, the first time that people here in Houston have seen any measurable snow or ice. That threat moves to Louisiana. I want to bring in meteorologist ginger zee. Colder and snow next week. Colder next week. It's unbelievable for many folks who have been in this frozen thund Ra most of the U.S. I want to show you the snow first, this weekend will be relatively mild, I hate using that word when it's still going to be in the teens. Lake-effect snow, could see 6 to 10. First of three shots in the next three days. Then that cold. The intense injection of Monday night into Tuesday morning, 20 below zero. Look at New York City, by Tuesday into early Wednesday morning, we're hardly at that white color which could be zero. Another week of this. We have been talking about this on "Good morning America." Super bowl Sunday or Monday in. Super bowl Sunday. It a little bit more milder. The models are all over the place right now. We'll have a much better idea by Monday. Ginger, thank you.

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{"id":21685806,"title":"Winter Blast Breakdown","duration":"3:00","description":"The unrelenting deep freeze is making your drive home dangerous.","url":"/WNT/video/winter-blast-breakdown-21685806","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}