Winter Without End

Huge storm marches east from Rockies bringing snow, hail and flooding.
3:00 | 03/23/13

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Transcript for Winter Without End
We do begin this evening with this image rightbehind me here. This is an interstate in colorado tonight. You can vaguely see a plow right through the screen there. A whiteout just outside denver. Someone said on my way in today, where is spring? More than half the country will get hit with a new nasty storm. Hundreds of miles of roads shut down from colorado to kansas tonight. And look at this. Dozens of cars in a pileup outside of denver. A semitanker in flames because of the weather. Snow and ice is returning to windshields across america tonight. With winter storm warnings and watches up across more than a dozen states now. In the south this evening, fears of tornadoes because of all this. Ginger zee leads us off with the fiery crash in colorado tonight. Reporter: It's the winter that just won't release us from its icy grip. On this stretch of highway outside denver today, a 50-car pileup. Semi trucks off the road. Going up in flames. Highway after highway shut down. Stranding dozens of drivers. From our abc station kmgh, molly hendrickson right there. We're here along I of 70 eastbound. Crews are stopping people, telling them they need to turn around. Beyond this point, nearly 400 miles shut as of this morning. All the way to the kansas state line. Blowing snow and cross winds creating conditions that are impassable. Reporter: And air travelers didn't have it much better. More than 100 flights canceled out of denver. The field in last night's world cup qualifying match looked like a hockey rink. The u.S. Team pulled off a win after they used a yellow ball to see it in the sea of white. It was difficult to see anything. But credit to them. We got the game done. Reporter: From colorado to massachusetts, people are sick of it. In michigan, they took out their frustrations by making a bonfire out of a snowman. It went a lot faster than i thought it was going to go. I wish all the rest of the snow would go with it. Pretty dark there. A lot of people wondering, when does spring get here? For the rest of us, the snow, when and where does the giant storm hit? We won't get spring for a big part of the nation. Timing, today, through kansas. Through kansas city overnight. Sunday. And the east coast saying, come on, it can't be doming here. We're deep into march. What kind of snow are we talking about? Kansas city does not get this. We'll seec snow likely from st. Louis to indianapolis. That area in the 8 to 12-inch range. That also going the happen in the mountains of west virginia. About the tornadoes i mentioned at the top of the show. A real fear? New orleans, tallahassee included. Isolated tornadoes. A damaging wind situation. A whole lot of rain. We could see flooding. You're tracking it all. Ginger, thank you. The other reason to look at

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{"id":18798432,"title":"Winter Without End","duration":"3:00","description":"Huge storm marches east from Rockies bringing snow, hail and flooding.","url":"/WNT/video/winter-end-18798432","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}