Winter Storm Paralyzes the U.S.

Across the South, falling trees, ice and snow leave almost a half million people without power.
3:00 | 02/13/14

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Transcript for Winter Storm Paralyzes the U.S.
As we come on the air, 100 million of Americans have been hit by a winter storm packed pretty much everything in the winter arsenal. This shows the speed and power of the nor'easter. Barreling from Texas across the south, up the coast to Maine, people to forced to abandon cars. These would with only the mirrors poking through. Right now, a prediction of thunder snow and sleet in our extreme weather team is tracking it all. ABC's Linzie Janis starts us off in the northeast. Where the storm is the still on the move tonight. With snow and ice and wind and rain, the storm that crippled the south, killing at least 20 people, is still wreaking havoc. Whiteout conditions, from the nation's capital, to the treacherous New York state thruway. Nor'easter winds whipping a house fire in the bronx, at least seven injured. Pennsylvania still under a state of emergency from the last storm. Just outside philly, we helped 64-year-old rosemary Augustine dig out. She lost power for nearly three days last week and last night. Got a fur coat. I have been wearing it inside. Reporter: Her 100-year-old mother had to go to the hospital to stay warm. Others in her building, like this infant with breathing problems, evacuating. She showed us how she's managing with a gas stove. I dump it in the sink. Reporter: And for now, the food in her fridge still good. Hundreds of schools closed, but in the nation's largest district, New York, stayed open, We got the high end of the projection and then some and faster and earlier than was expected. Reporter: Here in Philadelphia, we got nine inches of snow tonight. Sledding down these famous steps and it's not over yet, Diane, another 3 to 6 inches expected tonight. Oh, Linzie, thank you so much. Families are telling survivor stores after abandoning cars on paralyzed roads. ABC's Steve osunsami is with them. Reporter: More than half an inch of ice finally starting to melt today in Augusta, but not before bringing down trees and leaving more than 100,000 still in the dark. Across the south, nearly 500,000 people still without power important. For somebody who's sitting at home and doesn't have any power, that is a bad place to be and we understand that. Reporter: Authorities are warning residents they shouldn't use a fireplace to cook food. Tiara Gibbs and her family lost power, and then accidently burned down their house in Atlanta, using their fireplace. This was our only -- everything we have. Reporter: Families across seven states will need candles tonight. In Charlotte, the people of this Baptist church recovering from a roof caved in by the snow. In Raleigh, survivor stories, from drivers stuck on the ice explaining why they walked away from their cars. Cars around me were just spinning, and I was just waiting for my turn to get hit. And I was like, "I've got to het out of here." Reporter: Tonight, families still have to watch out for falling trees. This is a giant oak tree, and to give you a sense of how powerful the ice can be, it was brought down, not by wind, not by snow, but by the weight of the ice now melting below it. And listen closely to the sound of danger. Falling ice from city skyscrapers, nervous maintenance men came out and blocked off the sidewalks. The building is fine. Reporter: It just can't melt fast enough. Steve osunsami, ABC news, Atlanta.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Across the South, falling trees, ice and snow leave almost a half million people without power.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"22508428","title":"Winter Storm Paralyzes the U.S.","url":"/WNT/video/winter-storm-paralyzes-us-22508428"}