Winter Storms Sweep Across the US

Forty accidents in Denver slowed the morning commute; parts of Nebraska see white-out conditions.
1:55 | 02/04/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Winter Storms Sweep Across the US
Snow, ice, brutal cold. And a treacherous come mute for millions. Whiteout conditions in Nebraska. In the twin cities, tractor trailers abandoned all along the highway there. And in Denver alone, 40 accidents during today's commute. Tonight, that entire system now sweeping eastward and meteorologist rob Marciano reporting in. Reporter: Tonight, that conveyor belt of storms is on the move again. Colorado in the crosshairs. In Denver, more than 40 accidents during the morning commute. Just east in Nebraska, whiteout conditions on the roads with over half a foot of snow falling this morning. Minnesota yesterday afternoon, 186 crashes in just six hours. And here in New York, temperatures finally creeping above freezing feels good, but everyone had their eyes on the sky for another serious problem. Falling ice. Chunks of it, plummeting thousands of feet from the tallest building in the country, the world trade center. Chicago still digging out. And that's a serious problem for Dave Stieber. My wife is pregnant, due any day. Reporter: Plussing still trying to catch up after nearly 20 inches dumped on the city. It's a mess and it's a shame it's still like this. It just will not let up. We always love when rob Marciano is here. Just not when you tell us there's another one coming from. Reporter: We'll start with the cold, snowy system that's pushing through the midwest that B dumped up to a half a foot of snow. Light snow from Tennessee to Maine. A coating snow in New York, maybe a little bit more in Boston. And big-time cold air behind this. In the morning, minus 1 in Chicago, minus 10 in Lincoln. Friday morning, 8 in New York, minus 2 in Boston, 3 degrees in Cleveland. Here's the California storm. A lot of -- a plume of moisture here, getting into pacific northwest and California. Maybe over a foot of rain. They need it. They had a very dry January, but too much at one time, flood watches are up. No rain at all in the bay area in January. Reporter: Very dry.

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{"id":28736437,"title":"Winter Storms Sweep Across the US","duration":"1:55","description":"Forty accidents in Denver slowed the morning commute; parts of Nebraska see white-out conditions.","url":"/WNT/video/winter-storms-sweep-us-28736437","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}