Woman Quits Job With Wacky Dance Video

One woman's special message informing her boss why she was leaving.
1:58 | 10/01/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Woman Quits Job With Wacky Dance Video
And finally tonight, most often on this program we report on hiring and jobs this america, but tonight a very different phenomenon. This one is for everyone who has ever had a frustrating job and fantasized about quitting in a spectacular way. One woman found a way to do it. Abc's jon donvan says she's become a poster girl for walking out the door. Reporter: As it says on screen, it's past 4 in the morning and marina shifrin has a message for her boss. Dancing to kayne west's "gone" on desktops, in the aisles, her way of saying I quit. Which gets her approaching 6 million hits on youtube since saturday. And pages and pages of applause. And confirmation that the art of the quit is a dream that lives inside all of us. There are songs about it. Johnny paycheck singing, well, "take your job and shove it." But the home-made quit clip in its own youtube art from. A man shows up with a chorus to say he's out of there. And then there's joey DeFrancesco who brought a band and said this to his boss two years later he has had 4 million hits. I immediately got responses from all over the world. Reporter: This job market which is about escape, dilution, very long? She has a certain poetic justice. The company where she made this video is a company that makes videos. The company said it doesn't understand why she's mad at them but while she said the company is awesome, she complaininged it only cared about how many views it gets. With nearly 6 million views for this, maybe marina should be running the place. Too late. The lights are out. She's gone. Jon donvan, abc news, washington. So gone.

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{"id":20439380,"title":"Woman Quits Job With Wacky Dance Video","duration":"1:58","description":"One woman's special message informing her boss why she was leaving.","url":"/WNT/video/woman-quits-job-wacky-dance-video-20439380","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}