Workers call for end to shutdown: 'We don't have any money'

They share pictures on social media of empty pay stubs and sell what they could online.
2:52 | 01/12/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Workers call for end to shutdown: 'We don't have any money'
And the government shutdown. 800,000 workers not getting paid, and hours away from it being the longest shut down ever. And look at this, employees across the country sharing images of their pay stubs, nothing but zeros on the pay stubs, and Miami airport closing a terminal to consolidate TSA workers and air traffic controllers are suing the trump administration making them work without pay while they keep passengers in the air, and the fda no longer looking for salmonella and other things. These are people's lives, and here is Steve osunsami. Reporter: After getting blank paychecks today, this was the scene in Boston, a sea of fed-up federal workers calling for an end to the shutdown. Lynn Stratton is marching tonight in Utah, blaming everyone in Washington. I have enough for one more mortgage payment, then I have to go to carmax tomorrow and sell my car. Reporter: Denise carver was furloughed from the irs before Christmas. She's getting her family's groceries tonight at a food pantry. We don't have any money and we don't have much food. We're just trying to get by. Reporter: In Walton, Kentucky, the irs's Chris rachford and his girlfriend Allie spent all of their savings on their baby girl, born premature at 26 weeks. No paycheck today, no way to make ends meet. I think I cried for the first three days, because we were already so far behind. Reporter: On Facebook, federal workers are sharing pictures of their empty pay-stubs. Selling what they can online. Necklaces and earring set. Only worn once. Need money to pay bills because of the government shutdown. Today we met the family of air traffic controller, Paul Stearns. He continues to work with no pay. In his line of work, they don't need this stress. When we're in the tower, we want to be focused on the aircraft and the operation and the safety of the passengers. Reporter: The mccabes tell a familiar story. How they called the mortage company asking for help and got none. They said we're really sorry you're going through this, but you have 30 days to get your payment in full and after 30 days we report you the creditors. Incredible. Stove, the Mccabe family was told they are not getting help, the creditors are coming in 30 days. We do no that some companies are helping out. That is right. Bank of America and Wells Fargo are modifying loans and Toyota is offering extensions on payments. This is such a reminder how many Americans are living paycheck to paycheck. David? Steve was again tonight, thank you. It was just last night,

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{"duration":"2:52","description":"They share pictures on social media of empty pay stubs and sell what they could online.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"60321853","title":"Workers call for end to shutdown: 'We don't have any money'","url":"/WNT/video/workers-call-end-shutdown-money-60321853"}