Wrong-Way Drivers Kill Almost 400 People Every Year

Jim Avila discusses battle to prevent one of the most deadly traffic accidents.
2:19 | 12/12/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Wrong-Way Drivers Kill Almost 400 People Every Year
Now a story that affects every person who drives in America a new report says almost 400 people are killed every year because of drivers. Going the wrong way on the road. It's the most deadly traffic accident and just last night three women were killed by a driver. Going the wrong way in Connecticut tonight officials say they are ready to crack down and here's ABC's senior national correspondent Jim -- -- -- Now it is a frightening sight with tragic consequence -- the wrong way driver. Nearly 400 people die each year from wrong way -- most from head on high speed accidents. In fact 22%. That -- -- -- -- our favorite work compared to less than 1% for all other questions. Just last night. I just hit the wrong -- driver to -- Completely destroyed on the -- Three people in Connecticut died when a wrong way driver caused the head on crash on the same day the National Transportation Safety Board launched a nationwide crackdown. And they're completely preventable who's responsible. 15%. Involves drivers more than seventy years -- But the real danger is alcohol. 60% of runway accidents are caused by drunk drivers. Nearly 10% by repeat offenders which is why the NTSB. Is recommending that all fifty states. Required this ignition lock on all cars driven by anyone convicted of a -- So if I'm drunk. And I blowing here what happens the car will not start it's as simple as that you won't be able to drive the car. The NTSB is also pushing car manufacturers to fast track. New technology that would allow sensors in all cars to determine if any driver is sober before allowing ignition and will not be allowed. To get behind the wheel. And use your cars a lethal weapon the NTSB is also interested in this Houston Texas freeway with sensors that sound an alarm to the driver and police. The NTSB is looking at lowering in making bigger wrong -- signs and changing interchange design. By eliminating fast lane exit in parallel entrances and exits. All in an effort to avoid the tragedy of the wrong way driver. Jim -- ABC news Washington.

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{"id":17949297,"title":"Wrong-Way Drivers Kill Almost 400 People Every Year","duration":"2:19","description":"Jim Avila discusses battle to prevent one of the most deadly traffic accidents.","url":"/WNT/video/wrong-drivers-kill-400-people-year-17949297","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}