New year rings in 2 mega jackpots

The two giant jackpots are worth more than $800 million.
1:11 | 01/02/18

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Transcript for New year rings in 2 mega jackpots
Finally tonight, no big winners over the holiday for power ball or megamillions, so, now more than $800 million is up for grabs. Here's linsey Davis. Let's see if I can make you a millionaire tonight. Reporter: 2018 just might be the luckiest number yet. What would you guys do if you won all that money? I think we'd travel around the world. We'd go around the world a few times. Reporter: Two giant jackpots in excess of $800 million now up for grabs. What do you want? Astros season tickets. Reporter: The megamillions drawing tonight worth about $361 million. The chances of winning? About 1 in 303 million. If you don't get lucky tonight, there's always tomorrow when the Powerball drawing is worth at least $440 million. And just a quick tip. 70% of past winners chose the quick pick option. Modest house. Maybe $500,000. Reporter: Square feet? Yeah, square feet. And, did I mention the jet, too? Reporter: Oh, now we're talking. The potential for a very happy new year for someone. A jet to head back to Denver. We like your ideas. Good luck. I'm David Muir. It's great to be back. We'll see you right back here This is WCVB newscenter 5 at

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{"id":52104208,"title":"New year rings in 2 mega jackpots","duration":"1:11","description":"The two giant jackpots are worth more than $800 million.","url":"/WNT/video/year-rings-mega-jackpots-52104208","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}