New York plans curfew to curb rise of new COVID-19 cases

Texas is the first state to surpass 1 million cases. Tonight, every state in the nation is seeing a rise in hospitalizations, ICU admissions and ventilator use.
4:41 | 11/12/20

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Transcript for New York plans curfew to curb rise of new COVID-19 cases
Good evening and it's great to have you with us here on this Wednesday night, on this veterans day, we honor our nation's veterans and their wishes on this day, in just a but we begin tonight with the pandemic and alarming new numbers coming in and New York's governor taking ags tonight amid new cases her in fact, cases now rising in all 50 states, 152,000 new cases in just the past 24 hours. New York, the original epicenter, imposing a 10:00 P.M. Curfew. The governor warning of stricter measures if this doesn't stop this new wave. Texas tonight topping a million the most in the nation. Some hospitals crushed by a record number of patients in the icu. North Dakota hospitals nearing capacity and the governor there now allowing health care workers who have covid but who are asymptomatic to come to work because there is such a need for front line workers. Authorities had warned we would see this with the colder weather and Americans heading indoors. And they now say it is going to get much worse unless we all act. ABC's chief national correspondent Matt Gutman leading us off. Reporter: Tonight, New York, the original epicenter of the coronavirus, taking swift action in the face of a troubling sign. The positivity rate climbing to 2.9%, the highest since June. Starting Friday, a new curfew. Bars, restaurants and gyms will close at 10:00 P.M. Gatherings in private homes will be limited to ten people. If these numbers keep going crazy, you have some scientists who believe we're going to go back to a closedown. I'm just praying that doesn't happen. Reporter: Tonight, Texas, the first state to surpass a million cases and the nation's new epicenter, El Paso, of which now look like a military field hospital. Air force lieutenant colonel and Dr. Brock Miller has been deployed to Afghanistan, his medical unit now on the ground in El Paso where covid is exploding. Even compared to any experience I've had in my training or since deployment, it's also the busiest I've ever seen a hospital. Reporter: One of that very hospital's covid patients is Taylor Soderberg. Can you describe that feeling of you know what it's like to try to walk and get into the emergency room when you can't breathe? The feelinglike you're drowned. You know, you're just grasping for that breath. Reporter: Tonight, every state in the nation seeing hospitalizations, icu ions and ventilator use on the rise. In Oklahoma, hospitals are overwhelmed. Our worst nightmare right now is having to choose between a patient in a car accident and a patient with covid. Reporter: But the governor resisting a mask mandate. And in South Dakota where the positivity rate is nearly seven times the national average, the city of Sioux Falls voting down a mask mandate. That came just hours after the CDC updated its guy dance, saying wearing a mask protects you, not just the people around you, adding, "Adopting universal masking policies can help avert future lockdowns." In North Dakota, staff shortages so severe, health care workers with asymptomatic covid will keep working can covid patients. Every day, front line workers are watching their own patients slip away. It's just hard to see somebody passing in front of your eyes. You're gowned up and you see your face and you can't feel the touch of skin to skin. It's just Ely sad. Reporter: In Utah, 24-year-old Jesse Jenson is on a ventilator, struggling to survive, days after giving birth to a little girl. For the first couple days, because I had no idea what was going to happen, I mean, you hear that your oxygen is low, okay, she's on a ventilator, you hear the ventilator isn't it's -- it's kind of scary. Reporter: Tonight, on the heels of pfizer's progress of its vaccine, word today modern will be announcing its results soon. We likely will see results from them probably sometime, I would think in the next two weeks or two and a half to three weeks, which means you'll have two companies that will have vaccine available. So, let's get to Matt Gutman live tonight from El Paso. And Matt, there is a new forecast just out tonight as we come on the air, as well, looking at which parts of the country could see substantial growth in cases in the next coming weeks? Reporter: Policy lab, David, is predicting that substantial growth in the northeast through the mid-atlantic and significant growth in California and west coast cities like Portland and Seattle roughly following those deadly trends we've been seening here in Texas, the midwest and the rockies. David? But make no mistake, this is across the country tonight. Matt Gutman leading us off again. Thank you.

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{"duration":"4:41","description":"Texas is the first state to surpass 1 million cases. Tonight, every state in the nation is seeing a rise in hospitalizations, ICU admissions and ventilator use.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"74157369","title":"New York plans curfew to curb rise of new COVID-19 cases","url":"/WNT/video/york-plans-curfew-curb-rise-covid-19-cases-74157369"}