New York Trauma Surgeon Weighs In on Treating Victims

Dr. Sebastian Schubl talks about trauma protocol and caring for victims.
1:51 | 04/15/13

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Transcript for New York Trauma Surgeon Weighs In on Treating Victims
We are hearing if somebody grave injuries severe burns amputations -- hospital saying the emergency room was like a war zone doctor Sebastian troubles -- trauma surgeon at Jamaica hospital here in New York. At the doctor she will help -- understand when Mass. General when a hospital in Boston gets the call this does happen how did they know where to begin how can they step up. 11 of the things that. All hospitals of this of that size in particular have a place is a disaster plan we practice these few times a year we do it here in New York. At least every six months. And those plans have in place. Mock exercises we've put our resources and to play we even have fake patients -- -- the hospital so. Having run those exercises repeatedly gives you some preparation it's one thing to have a plan another to have two bombs. We're going off with the Boston Mara I -- certainly this is completely unexpected and in. He and no matter how good your planners he will be over while you're going to be dealing with a huge volume of patients with a wide spectrum of injuries. It's not going to be an easy thing to handle but I have to admit what I've seen so far there during an amazing job. News talk about the wide spectrum of injury we of course have heard. A severe injuries to people legs and burns severe burns salute him and -- from a blast like this can cause severe burns that is. An injury that takes a long time to heal from requires multiple operations and interventions but the fractures in the traumatic amputations are certainly the most dramatic thing. But what kills people and situations like this is the closed head injuries the blast effect itself -- actually. Shake the brain so much that it can actually cause instantaneous were delayed. Is being in Iraq. Or Afghanistan with -- anything. Thank you again so much Patricia Bowman and as you said incredible response but the emergency medical teams -- -- Boston thank you.

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{"id":18963966,"title":"New York Trauma Surgeon Weighs In on Treating Victims","duration":"1:51","description":"Dr. Sebastian Schubl talks about trauma protocol and caring for victims.","url":"/WNT/video/york-trauma-surgeon-weighs-treating-victims-18963966","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}