Young American Christian Veterans Mobilizing to Fight ISIS Overseas

Meet Brett, who is setting up a unit of Christian soldiers to fight the terrorist group in Iraq.
2:25 | 02/24/15

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Transcript for Young American Christian Veterans Mobilizing to Fight ISIS Overseas
There are chilling reports tonight of an early morning raid in Syria. Isis fighters storming a village, abducting at least 70 Christians. This evening, right here, perhaps a new face on the front lines. American Christians taking up the battle against Isis. Including this young veteran from the heartland, Michigan, and he's not T only one. ABC's chief foreign correspondent terry Moran tonight with that young American fighter. Look on that road. You'll see Isis flags up and down that road, as well. Reporter: He is 28 years old. Detroit born and bred. An army veteran, still wearing his uniform, but this time, he's not fighting with the U.S. Armed forces. He came back to Iraq on his own to take the fight to Isis in the name of Christ. Why you? Why not me? Jesus says, will you do onto the least of them, you do unto me. And I take that very seriously. Reporter: Brett, he asked that we don't use his last name to protect his family, is serving on the front lines. Fighting alongside the local militia in an abandoned Christian village, where we met him. So, the next towns over are full of Isis? Yes. And you'll -- Reporter: How far are they? Less than two kilometers. Reporter: So, about a mile. He took us up to the roof, where they keep watch on Isis. Looking out over the no man's land. That there. That's our motivation every day. Reporter: You want to get those flags down. They're coming down. Reporter: So far from Detroit, from home. But Brett makes no apology for becoming what he calls a soldier of Christ. I've had a lot of people refer to me as the American crusader. I'm not here for violence. I'm here for peace. But sometimes that peace comes at the end of a sword, which, today, is, the end of a barrel. Reporter: And he knows he's a terrorist target. You have a price on your head. There's a lot of people who don't want me here and don't want me alive right now, so -- Reporter: He has returned to the valley of death, but this soldier, this true believer, fears no evil. Brett is setting up a unit of Christian soldiers. We met several of them, who are already here and he says he has heard from hundreds of American veterans just like him, motivated by their faith, outraged by Isis atrocities and eager to get back in the fight. David? Terry Moran with an eye-opening report tonight. Terry will have much more tonight on "Nightline."

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{"id":29202349,"title":"Young American Christian Veterans Mobilizing to Fight ISIS Overseas","duration":"2:25","description":"Meet Brett, who is setting up a unit of Christian soldiers to fight the terrorist group in Iraq.","url":"/WNT/video/young-american-christian-veterans-mobilizing-fight-isis-overseas-29202349","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}