Young Girl Receives a Special Gift

Karissa, 9, was given a "Frozen" themed prosthetic hand.
1:34 | 06/27/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Young Girl Receives a Special Gift
Finally tonight, America strong. A special gift for a 9-year-old girl, inspired by her favorite movie, made her smile first, then it changed her life. ABC's David Wright has her story. Reporter: Like so many 9-year-old girls, Karissa Mitchell is a big fan of the Disney movie "Frozen." ♪ Let it go ♪ Reporter: She now has a "Frozen" souvenir like no other. An ice blue prosthetic arm. Fashioned by students at Siena college in upstate New York, using 3-d printing. Karissa was born without a right arm. So, the lab created one for her, complete with a hand that can squeeze. Awesome! Reporter: All the more awesome because Karissa got the prosthetic free of charge. Just the smile on her face, it's the most amazing feeling. Reporter: Prosthetic limbs can cost tens of thousands of dollars. And for kids, it's a temporary fix. Their young bodies still growing. 3-d printers lower that cost to about $30 to $50. Changing lives, like Alex Pring, who is learning to ride a bike. It's an amazing feeling to be able to help someone and know you can help them do things they wouldn't normally be able to do. Reporter: The very first thing Karissa did? Give little olaf a nice warm hug. David Wright, ABC news, new York. That is awesome, Karissa. And that is all for us this Monday night. Thank you for watching. I'll see you tomorrow on "Gma." Have a good night.

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{"id":40175574,"title":"Young Girl Receives a Special Gift","duration":"1:34","description":"Karissa, 9, was given a \"Frozen\" themed prosthetic hand. ","url":"/WNT/video/young-girl-receives-special-gift-40175574","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}