Zimmerman Verdict Ignites Emotional Debate Across US

Ruling over death of Trayvon Martin re-triggers debate on race, guns across country.
1:56 | 07/14/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Zimmerman Verdict Ignites Emotional Debate Across US
moments after that verdict was read, an outpouring of emotion inside the courtroom from zimmerman's family. Outside the court from supporters of trayvon martin's family. Abc's gio benitez. On the demonstrations still unfolding tonight. Gio is live in florida as well for us. Good evening. Reporter: Good evening to you, david. Trayvon martin's supporters have been calling from nationwide protests. As you're about to see, that's exactly what happened. Reporter: From coast to coast, major cities saw anger over the zimmerman verdict spilling into the streets. In oakland, california, police say up to 100 demonstrators caused minor damage but protests, by in large, were peaceful everywhere. In san francisco, 200 people on the march. In chicago, signs reading "we are all trayvon," people gathering there earlier today. I thooing you for walking us up this morning, god. Reporter: And here in sanford, in the midst of trayvon supporters, shocked by the jury's decision. A church service urging peace. Because violence on violence doesn't solve anything. It only promotes hatered. Overnight, at the courthouse, we met a woman who drove for five hours to be here. You drove all the way from georgia, just for this? I could not imagine being that family right now. I just thought we were going to get some kind of justice. Reporter: Zimmerman sympathizers have largely supported him in secret, donating money to his defense fund. Even so, some showed up here at the courthouse to speak their mind. I believe he loves his neighborhood and was -- had every right to self defense. Reporter: And in new york's times square, voices siding with the legal system. Jurors say he's not guilty, so he's not guilty. Reporter: And even with all those protests across the country, david, here in sanford, no arrests.

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{"id":19664691,"title":"Zimmerman Verdict Ignites Emotional Debate Across US","duration":"1:56","description":"Ruling over death of Trayvon Martin re-triggers debate on race, guns across country.","url":"/WNT/video/zimmerman-verdict-ignites-emotional-debate-us-19664691","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}