What Would You Do: Bakery denies lesbian couple wedding cake

A lesbian couple is being denied a wedding cake at a bakery because the owner says same-sex marriage is in conflict with his beliefs. With whom will the other customers side?
7:28 | 07/29/17

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Transcript for What Would You Do: Bakery denies lesbian couple wedding cake
Load and marriages in May go together like a horse and carriage but. When the loving couple is bride and bride wars movement and groom that carries. Sometimes countless reaching home. Some people can T. Know things gay marriage amount and the Supreme Court made it legal in the US. With 3 June 2015. Then later this year the court will be hearing another case with same sex marriage at its core. It involves a Colorado baker who refuse to make a wedding cake for a gay couple. I believe it Bible could clearly teaches that marriage is between one man. We set up shop at a little cake bakery in Park Ridge New Jersey. If you saw bakery owner refused to sell lower wedding cake to a couple simply because they're gay or what would you do. Today we're playing a lesbian couple and we're getting married. I'm playing a homophobic baker and I'm not gonna sell a lesbian wedding cake. Will people tolerate this kind of intolerance it's. Yeah women against Saddam actually my chest and look I can't. On a waiting to hold a wedding and we we will find people who want to know that would go with this tops are necessary lesbian wedding yes. I'm that I cancer if we're just pretend for a lesbian weddings. I wonder let's do anything but put that way. And quickly catches the attention of these women. Who should bring an action. Mom my. Let's check in Kandahar means that you not considered and that urgent when I'm sorry I mean they want. My my morals. Or purple eyes and we're not finishing the worst thing that we are into every down back. Now there's. So it. I'm we'll get out that totally did not choose Perrier route just remember another Larry each other and for that and that's great and over some. They voted served. He won't object to being I don't mean actually as well as a women walk out they take a couple went down. Donna sorry I'm like she. I'm sorry it's time to let a man on our little secret. For those of you. I'm judge Quinones with the TV show what would you do. Oh yeah. For the people. Get its yeah. This happens in life sometimes CNN what do you save about. There's no reason why people who are today cannot be in love and get married then everybody deserves service. My wife and I get different service because only a married man it's like. Megan and Laurie most of the people we encountered throughout the day were quick to defend our coupled. I won't come. Some folks called Peter's behavior not only bad does bring bad business. Talking politics. Deal. You may the heat dozens. Others used religion to defend the women usually aren't gastrointestinal. Illness when he would have taken place current. You get to god it's okay by. Throughout the day emotions run high now through. You think. I'm sorry prayer and actually there's a movie news. And then along comes this. He says he doesn't believe in same sex marriage but he feels the lesbian couple. Should not be discriminated against. Do lesbians period. I don't. A and you're dead and the hearts really meant there has been. You were shaken by events yeah. Aaron tears yeah. Why is this not they're making making a judgment call just because that person does not believe. The way you do is is just as the same situation it's. You know not only to sit down at a restaurant because of the color us. You're pulling him off the data alliance against trouble any cameras Melissa those mono businesses this go but they should be able to buy wherever they want to back. But not everyone agrees with that these customers seem willing to discriminate but they refuse to be identified. When the cameras come out. Time Warner it is. Yeah. Yeah. And she's not the only one who feels that way. Legal life. Karen Crist office shaking her head. Do but for a different reason we're getting married you're lesbian weddings and. An exciting. Your future getting married yeah yeah. Pleasure under unusually clear there Tom Reid I won't do your husband lines going to take us back. We tell our fractures to push it a little further. It's it's a literary night not abide the lifestyle you chose it. Really appalling to me so please take that ten though it was him. He has beautiful. Yeah I'm really really think yeah. Teen mania we'll was Univision news. Tired so here it is everywhere else was injured just basically hanging just go until last night's sleep. Enough sleep rest can. Thank you all yeah. Sorry man I just can't tell us when police. It's time to give Aaron Crow king. I knew it. Fully. My my prayers and yes. Turns out she was right with her suspicions about us. And that you learn first of all there I was like I don't understand how this guy. During a weightless at the end you know. That's right our discriminating clerk Peter is actually get a good feels good football for years yeah yeah it is it's very emotional. He's hard. Throughout the emotional day of filming the resounding message was that people deserve to be served. Regardless of personal beliefs and it does sentiment that really. Takes the case we'll.

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{"duration":"7:28","description":"A lesbian couple is being denied a wedding cake at a bakery because the owner says same-sex marriage is in conflict with his beliefs. With whom will the other customers side?","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WhatWouldYouDo","id":"48915166","title":"What Would You Do: Bakery denies lesbian couple wedding cake","url":"/WhatWouldYouDo/video/bakery-denies-lesbian-couple-wedding-cake-48915166"}