What Would You Do? Little Boy Manicure

A mom turns heads when she lets her son get a manicure, and it gets worse when Dad arrives.
3:00 | 07/25/15

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Transcript for What Would You Do? Little Boy Manicure
Reporter: It's time for mom's manicure. Thanks for coming with me today. Reporter: And when her son wants in on the action -- I want a manicure, too. sure! Reporter: It might seem like innocent fun but when jenna lyons, president of j crew, appeared in this ad with her son and his pink painted toes, some people went from seeing pink to seeing red. Should it matter if that child happens to be a boy? Psychologist and fox news contributor keith ablow called it a dramatic example of the way that our culture is being encouraged to abandon all trappings of gender identity. Reporter: We wanted to find out how people would react to a little boy who wants a mani. We've hired actors to play the parts. What color did you pick? Pink! Reporter: Even a loud-mouthed bystander. Do you want your son to look like a girl? Reporter: But the patrons here at la reve spa in edison, new jersey, are real. Will they be for or against this? Mom, I'm so excited! This is going to be fun! Oh my god. He's really getting pink? I have never seen that before. Me neither. It's not halloween! That's what I say. I don't think you would let your son wear pink. No. Me neither. I don't think you should let your son wear pink. Oh my god. Are you really saying that? Reporter: She may be shocked by traci's audacity but look what she does next. How about this? It will match your watch, too. But I like this. Bachelorette bash. This is for girls. Would you let your little boy do this? Reporter: As she tries to find him a more masculine color, traci gets more vocal. I feel like you're going to confuse him. He's learning. Really? You should treat him like a boy. Don't treat him like a girl. It's just innocent fun. Innocent fun can lead to who knows what. If he wants to wear a dress, are you going to let him wear a dress? What next? Put makeup on him? I'm so sorry. I wanted to say something so bad and tell her to shut up. You think it's okay? Don't worry about it. You be yourself! You be proud of who you are! Reporter: Next, this woman comes in for a change in nail color. I don't like pink anymore. Reporter: No more pink for her? What about for him? I mean, you do understand pink is girl's color, right? Pink is his favorite color. You could put clear polish. But what fun is that. It's a guy thing. Can I be a guy and still have nail polish? No color for a boy. I just think it's irresponsible parenting. I have to agree with her. I'm sorry, ma'am. You agree with her? You can't put that on a child. But why not? It's a feminine thing. Girls do it to be feminine. Reporter: For her, nail polish is just the tip of the problem. In your opinion, it's just wrong? Yeah, it's just wrong. You could confuse a child like that. It's just wrong. In my religion, I'm against homosexuality, so I think it's very wrong. Reporter: You think that causes homosexuality? No, not really. But it depends. If he deals more with his mother, and you know, not more with his dad and does more activities with his dad then that would confuse him. Reporter: You know, gays will tell you that they're born that way, it's not something that's ted. Maybe because they dealt more, like, with their mothers and their grandmothers or something like that. Reporter: This woman has her own opinion to share. I just can't belie you're letting him do this. Reporter: She waits. I've seen kids get bullied over there. Reporter: And waits. Let traci go. Until traci steps away. I think kids are entitled to be who they are. Do you think it's wrong to get polish? No. I do agree with that fact that people are going to judge and kids aren't probably as smart as you are. This is an age you are trying to find yourself and I think it's great and personally, I wish my kids will be like you when they grow up. Thank you. Reporter: Now traci's back. I think it's really irresponsible. It's her son. It's his life. What if he gets bullied? It's life. Unfortunately it's life. I agree with his mom, letting him be who he is. But she he's 10. He doesn't know who he is. Kids of 10 years old are not kids of 10 year old when I was 10. It's a different world now. We have to grow with it. Reporter: I'm john quinones. I've seen you on tv. Reporter: What were you trying to tell him? To be himself, be an individual, stand out. Reporter: No matter what color your names are? No matter what color your nails are. Reporter: But now, what if we cast a new character? We wondered. No son of mine is going to get a manicure. Reporter: What is dad is the one that doesn't approve? Come sit by dad. I can't. I'm getting my nails down. What are you doing? Reporter: She may be laughing, but dad is not amused. I don't want my son wearing pink nail polish. I don't think there's anything wrong with it. You're kidding. David, tell her you want it off. I don't. Reporter: Turns out, she sides with dad. Your dad, maybe he's right, because he wants to see a son who is playing football. You think I should take it off? Maybe you should put on just a neutral color. I think it's not for a boy to put color on his nails. Reporter: You think it shouldn't happen. Of course, of course not. Reporter: What's wrong with a little color? You know, there is stuff for the ladies, there is stuff for the men. Reporter: Will the next spectator to our scene see it this simply? You guys are goofing with me, right? No. I see why mom comes here all the time. All right, you're going to take that off, though, before you come home. Why? You're laughing, so this is a joke, right? I'm not latching. He wanted a manicure. He asked to get it done. What's wrong with it? You are not going to baseball practice with that on your nails. Your friends are going to make fun of you. You know what? This is what a man's hands look like. You see? They're rough. Do you have a son? I'd bring them in to have a manicure/pedicure if they wanted it. Pink? Pink nail polish? If that's what they wanted that's what they wanted. Let him enjoy it. And then if he wants make up on his face? You know what, you can't change anything. It's not going to do anything to him. Honestly. And what if he turns gay? Are you going to love him any less? He is your son. But I am asking. Would you? I would love my kids no matter what. I give up. You know what? You're going to deal with this. Reporter: As he gives up, her e motions give in. I'm john quinones. Oh my god! I'm going to cry. I can't believe this! Very obvious. Reporter: It obviously touches you. I see it all the time. Kids. You do the best that you can when you raise them. They become who they are. Gay, straight, lesbian, whatever. Love them no matter what. Reporter: A little boy just wanted pink nail polish. That's all he wanted. If that made his day -- I got to

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{"id":19655220,"title":"What Would You Do? Little Boy Manicure","duration":"3:00","description":"A mom turns heads when she lets her son get a manicure, and it gets worse when Dad arrives.","url":"/WhatWouldYouDo/video/boy-manicure-19655220","section":"WhatWouldYouDo","mediaType":"default"}