What Would You Do: Child disrupts nail salon patrons

The young child is interrupting her mother's work and even tries to paint the customer's nails. How will the customers react?
7:22 | 08/12/17

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Transcript for What Would You Do: Child disrupts nail salon patrons
fourth Thursday of April, the nation celebrates "Take our daughters and sons to work day." And today, Theo joins her mother, berry, for a day of work at the karma organic spa in engelwood, New Jersey. Wait, that's the color you picked? Reporter: But she becomes a huge distraction -- Momentum, can you help me bray my doll's hair? Mom, I want to draw a portrait of you. Mom, my iPad's not working. Reporter: Preventing her mom from doing her job. Mom, I want to make you a bracelet. Sure, sweetie. That would be great. Do you want Theo to make you a bracelet too? No. Reporter: If you unknowingly book an appointment with this manicurist -- It's not working. Okay, we'll figure it out. Don't worry. Reporter: And get her daughter too -- Come closer. Reporter: What would you do? It'll only take a couple minutes. I only have a half hour. Reporter: This first customer has stopped in for what she hopes is a quick manicure. I work nearby, but I only have 30 minutes. You're just getting a manicure? Yeah, just a quick -- I just got a pedicure yesterday. Reporter: Little does she know, this appointment comes with a few extras. Mom, I want to draw a portrait of you. Okay, sweetheart, go ahead. But you have to look at me. Oh, sure, sweetheart, go ahead. Reporter: While the little artist works on her masterpiece -- Let's do you head, your eyes. Reporter: The customer quite literally starts taking matters into her own hands. Isn't she a really good artist? That's really good. Here, do you want this? Here, go ahead. Reporter: Wait, who's the worker here? That looks really good. Do you want me to open the file for you? Are you okay? You stopped so I just -- Do you want more to fin snish. I thought you were going it. She'll be done in a couple minutes. Reporter: This customer doesn't have a couple of minutes. And the appointment gets even longer when Theo jumps back in with yet another distraction. Berry counts. And the customer seems to get more annoyed by the second. You need another? No, I'm good. You got a little on that nail. You know what, I'm going to come back. One more time -- please -- I'm just gonna take this off, and I'm gonna go -- You sure? Reporter: And with that, the customer has had enough. We catch up with her outside. John Quinones. How are you? "What would you do?". What did you think of our manicurist? I thought she was great. She was a great mother. But she wasn't very professional. She's like, do you want to continue? I was like, not really! Reporter: We're back inside, now will this next customer, a mother herself, have the patience to wait for Theo's jump rope routine. You have to look at me. I'm looking, I'm looking, one, two, three -- come on, count with me -- four, five, six, seven -- yay! Isn't she awesome? She is. I think kids are awesome. Reporter: She thinks Theo is awesome. Mom, I'm bored. Reporter: Until mom puts her daughter before her customer. Do you want a snack? Yeah. I'll be back in a second. Reporter: We send mom and daughter away so we can bring in the manager -- that's Lorraine, another one of our actors. ? Hi, how are you? Is everything okay? Yeah, everything is fine. Where's the other lady that was here? Reporter: She's asking for another manicurist. Do you prefer her? No, no, no. It's fine. It's fine. Reporter: Berry returns, and the manager tells her to Polish up her customer service skills. Just focus on the -- She was a little hungry. Reporter: But moments later her attention is right back on her daughter. Mom, her hair's like falling out. Okay, okay. Make it really tight. You want me to -- let me just wash my hands off. One second. Reporter: Little Theo even offers to help out on the work load. Do you want me to paint your nails? It's okay. I could do it really quick. Okay. What do you want done with the hair? Reporter: With the customer's patience running low, we send the manager back in. Ask is woman, is she delaying your man cure? Would you like someone else? Yeah, I actually have to. I'm in a rush. Berry, I'm sorry she's in a rush so we may need to get someone else. It's ok mom, I'll braid it. Reporter: That's my cue -- Ok John, you can get ready to break. Reporter: To step in and say hello. Hi there. I'm John Quinones. Oh my god. You're okay? I seen you on TV all the time. You watch this on TV? What did you think of our manicuri? That I have no problem with, because I have my children. I didn't want to make her feel bad, but I also need to keep my kids schedule, as well as mine. Reporter: These final customers have booked an appointment for a pedicure. Are you guys married? We are married. Reporter: Will thi3 happy couple stay happy throughout this ordeal? There you go. Get something to play with. Can you braid her hair? Sure. Reporter: And believe it or not, now our distracted mom asks the customer to lend a helping hand. Will you get it for me? You want me to? Yeah, that would be awesome. Reporter: The couple look at each other in disbelief -- Here you go sweetheart. Let me braid your hair. You almost done? Almost. LE. Okay. Just give me a holler. You ready? Okay, good, good, good. Let me just finish her hair. Reporter: We're way into the appointment and berry is just finally touching the customer's feet for the first time. You've got a hang nail over here. Reporter: They're shocked -- and her husband whispers for her to get up. And now Theo again takes out that jump rope! I'm going to jump rope to 10, then we'll do more at home. Okay, go ahead. He's angry, he's really upset. Count a little louder. Four, five, six, six -- That's it. Reporter: Fed up, she eventually gets up. You know what I have to go to the bathroom. Reporter: Trying to walk out on that pedicure. Oh my god! I think you were a little upset. I was like, are you kidding me? Are you kidding? I'm John Quinones. I know exactly who you are! How long were you gonna take this? When we hike so much -- my feet need it. And I was like "We're not going anywhere." But maybe she can get somebody different. I was gonna say I had a belly ache, and I needed the restroom. And I was gonna hang out, take my phone and call. On the phone, and call him. I didn't wanna make a scene, especially for her. I couldn't believe she kept stopping. I said, there's no way we could pay for this. I kept looking at her -- get up. Get up now! Also took into consideration it's like, I'm in the service business. I wouldn't expect myself to get paid for that. Next, when tough times -- we'll

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{"id":49168624,"title":"What Would You Do: Child disrupts nail salon patrons","duration":"7:22","description":"The young child is interrupting her mother's work and even tries to paint the customer's nails. How will the customers react?","url":"/WhatWouldYouDo/video/child-disrupts-nail-salon-patrons-49168624","section":"WhatWouldYouDo","mediaType":"default"}