What Would You Do: Clothing store discriminates against black shopper

A casually dressed African American man goes shopping in an upscale clothing store. Store employee tells him he can't afford it. How will people react?
7:34 | 07/14/18

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Transcript for What Would You Do: Clothing store discriminates against black shopper
Intense confrontation at a comty pool in north Colina. It's the latest video of alleged racial prong to go viral. WRE does itay that I have to show an. To use pool, my own pool? This man callth on African-American residents he incorrectly suspected could have been trespassing. I'm the only blperson here with my son in the pool. This isn't the first incident to make ney. You've rths and seen the videos that triggered the trage. Media quickly gave them nicknames. Are not allowed here. And "Permit pat illegally sel water without a permit. Ndas that last occurrence, the one they're calling "Pool ol Paul." O you wanto ologize? Attorney says hlient fes terribleand that he was just performing his duties as a neighborhficial. Today, we'ooking back at a racialrofiling scenario we set up at sarar, an upscale suit andclothing sre, in the H onew York City's wall St. Where Gabriel is shops F som hes. That belt is $150. Thanks. If you were shopping hand you hearis -- You're in the wrong store. We don't sell urban wear here. This is wall street.I isn't harlem.ha you do? Ll, we'd bring a $250 million dollar shark. Someone who S a bit about fashion, a what it's like to be profiled. Hated I'm That's right, daymond John, founofclothing, investor, star of "Shark tank." He sits with mind the scenes to watch this all unfold. Hthere. Hey, how you doing? Hi. Isre somethingou looking for? . Just checking out T jack right now. You know that's a $600ket right? Okay. Alright, just want to let you know. Sir, we do haveot of camethroughout the store. St want Toake sure Y're are of that. I just wanted to make sure he isn't boing anyone here. U guys okay? Hy would he be bothering us. I just wanted to make Su I would rather be spend my time and attention with ladies like you that are obviously a afford this clothing store. How do you know that he's not able to afford -- But ion't even a job. She'smem a stay ame mom. You have a Louis Vuitton bag, you guys. He probably has more money than we do. I mean if he's lookit $600 doljackets. She incredulous, and then our salesmen makescr clear I mean, 9 times out of 10, if body steals something they're okay? That's pretty much how it es. 'S not racist. Itust the facts. He's not bothering us. You're more bothering us than he is. She said, "You're more bothering ha" T that you were laugng throughout it all. Well becas so uncomfortathat I had no ideawhat to . It was nervouslaughter. Yes, I'm still really nervous. We're at it again, with daymon riding shotgun and what he sees, doesn't surprise him. I really don't think we have anythihat's going to interest you, sir.we're very, a classic gentlen Here it go. We don't take stolen credit cards, S Come on, man, what makes you think credit cards stolen? Not a wd, even whur salesperson geecurity invo. I'm going to have to pat you down. I don't believe this man. This is messed up. Gabriel is Cleary not getting any from our salesmso he approaches this next woman, for some advice. Excuse me, can I get your opinion? Does this look good? Ise bothering U? I'm sorry. Does it W a hoodie No. But again, our salesman is right there, thinking an saying the rs Gabriel. Sir, can I take a look inside that jet? Feel as though you may have something inside that jacket can ust pat him and make sure he doesn'tave anything? So far, no one seems to object to this very patdown. Until husband takes P forward. I don't want intrude, I believe ineurope this would never happen in Europe. You can't profile based on the looks of someone. I wast profiling Yo Y can't make conclusion based on the looks of color or something like that nine times out O T someone steals something they look like him. He is speechless. Are you saying I W wrong? Oh, ah. His wife, she's just getting started. I'm me frtable because of So I was making you uncomfortable. Heks like someone who would no, he does not! Because he's are you azy? I'm from eastern Europe. I don't steal. Bef she gives us proof, it's timto introdu oursve you noticed right away a whisred to your husband. Id wve. Yeah, she wasn't far from slapping you. Until new, daymon has been thing it unfold. What if H jumps right in? How do I look? This multimillionaire I about to be profiled hims I see that come in and lo L you. Why wouou tell him that? You're not the type of cuomer we ve. Lack at him. Ime I don't usuallyet into the people's business but it a judgment call you're making based on how som looks. Have been around longer. Ed nicely I think you're being totally inopriate. I'm sorry,ut -- You should say sorry to him. People to step up. You feel S around a guy thatks like this. I feel the you're engaging Himes me feel unsafe because it's filled with bias and a lot judgment. I think you should - I think it's "What would you do?." How Y doing man? Oh, man, are serious I "What WOU you do?." Are you okay? I'm good, man, I'm get a little hot the fact that you'r africaerican hadomething to do with it. I have been subjected to discriminati You have Ocourse. It's hard toape itn new York or where. I'm N dressed like this and I walk into a store, I G the same thing. And you C being about who the person is. Absolutely. Could be me. Or that guy couav a lot of money. U heard of "Shark tank"? Ye You heard afterdaymon ? I thought was daymon! Pleasure. You represented good. UT te it at all. Jumped rig in. In other words, don't judge a be wrong.

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{"duration":"7:34","description":"A casually dressed African American man goes shopping in an upscale clothing store. Store employee tells him he can't afford it. How will people react?","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WhatWouldYouDo","id":"56578854","title":"What Would You Do: Clothing store discriminates against black shopper","url":"/WhatWouldYouDo/video/clothing-store-discriminates-black-shopper-56578854"}