What Would You Do: Female bartender is sexually harassed by manager

A female bartender is being sexually harassed by her boss. Will any of the patrons speak up?
6:57 | 08/26/17

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Transcript for What Would You Do: Female bartender is sexually harassed by manager
Reporter: An average day for Sarah involves some pouring, some serving. And some sexual harassment? Ay. Blondie! How Ya doing? Relax, relax, you're so jumpy. Listen to me -- if you want to make money in this job, you unbutton a little but, show a little more cleavage, okay? Brian, I'm not really comfortable. Well, hey, look, if you're not comfortable, I'll go to the strip club down the street, get another ditsy blonde to do the job. Reporter: If you saw a female bartender being demeaned -- Don't get emotional on me now, honey. Come on. Reporter: And manhandled by her sexist boss, what would you do? Today we're at old man Rafferty's in new Brunswick, new Jersey. All right. Sweetheart, when you're done, I want to show you how to pour. Reporter: When Brian closes in -- Just relax. Reporter: This woman reacts. That's good, that's good. Right there. Good job. Good job. Nice. Okay, relax. Reporter: And when he steps away, she leans in to help. Are you okay? Are you okay? I really need this job. I'm trying to put myself through school. Is. No. I don't like the way that he's touching you. You don't look very comfortable with it. Is he the higher-up? Is he the manager? He's my boss. He should not treat you that way at all. He said it's Normal. No. That's not Normal, and you don't let someone treat you like that. Reporter: When our manager returns -- How is blondie doing? Reporter: She answers with how he's doing. I think you're being a little inappropriate with her. Well, what do you mean? Touching her the way you were. She looked extremely uncomfortable. Well, how did I touch her? On her waist, moving her hair back. She kept pushing away from you. That's clearly body language for "Do not touch me." Your advice to women who undergo this sort of thing? If you're uncomfortable, you need to do something about it. Speak up. Don't let them talk down to you. Have self-pride. You're in charge of your own life. Reporter: We're rolling again. I thought you women were supposed to be good at cleaning. What kind of wife are you going to make if you can't clean, clean the kitchen. Reporter: Right away his behavior gets a reaction from this mother and her family. No, I don't like that. Where's that coming from? Reporter: They try to laugh him off. I thought women were like natural cleaners just like spick and span. Can you go to the other side of the bar? Yeah, really, don't. Yeah, no, not a good influence in front of my daughters. Reporter: But then laughter turns to disgust. Are you going to get emotional now? Should I have hired a man to do that job? I mean, I can't have you cry on the job. Can I help you? No, no, we're just going to get a check. You sure? Yeah. Did she not go a good job? She's awesome. She's awesome. No, she's not the problem. Yeah, she's great. What's the problem? Look in the mirror, I think you'll figure it out. I'm trying to help her, train her to give you good service. That's -- just let me have a check, please. Don't you think? Check. Reporter: Before they can leave -- hi, ladies, how are you? I'm John Quinones. Oh! Oh, no. Oh, my god. It is not! Reporter: Don't leave! It was just inexcusable. And, uh, something needed to be done. Reporter: What do you want your daughters to learn from this? Never to accept this kind of behavior. And to always speak out. Not just for themselves, but for others. So if they see others in this kind of situation, they need to speak up and they need to walk away. Reporter: Back in the bar -- Try one more time. Do you have to touch me like that? I'm just trying to help. Good. Reporter: Speaking up is the special of the day. Hey, brother. We're checking this out. What are you doing man? You're making me uncomfortable. I'm trying to help her. No, no, you're harassing her. You're making me uncomfortable. You're making me uncomfortable. Well, she's blonde. It takes a little extra help to get her -- That's a chicken Answer, buddy. Reporter: Most people have no problem confronting our tormenting tyrant. Talk to her. Don't rub her. Don't hold her. But she's beautiful. I can't keep my hands off. Yes. I could put mine on your nose. She knows what she signed up for. I mean, it is a bar. It's not appropriate for you. I'm an hr professional, and I can tell you if you did that to one of my workers, I would write you up for sexual harassment. Whether you're at a bar or not, it's inappropriate to do to her. Reporter: This man even begins managing the offensive manager. I think I'm just trying to train her, you know, with a little tough love. Okay, that's not training. That's insulting and belittling. Training would be showing her how to cut lemons. Training would be saying oh, you don't know the tap yet? Let's turn around and look at the taps. These are the taps. And then telling her she's going to be a bad wife because she can't cut lemons -- you really think these are legitimate things you can be saying to an employee? Reporter: We roll one last time. Whoa! Sarah! Oh, my god. Can you pour a beer? You think you can waste all this alcohol? Reporter: This woman is quick to choose sides. I'll talk to the manager. He shouldn't be talking to you that way. Uh, he's my boss. I don't know what to -- He's an . Reporter: Then she offers the bartender a quick solution. I don't know what to do. Quit. Reporter: And when her friend arrives, she immediately brings him up to speed. The girl, her manager is the guy in the back, and he's being really, really abusive. Reporter: And he wastes no time before joining the resistance. There's a stain right in front of them. Go ahead, wipe it. Come on, you can think, blondie. Hey, dude. Is that -- is that how you talk to somebody like that? Like, I mean "Blondie"? What is that? This isn't your business. This is just the bar business. Yeah, it's my business. I have a daughter. If you're treating my daughter like that, you'll be getting a beating in the back right now. Okay. So back off. You don't treat people like that. I'm so embarrassed. I'm sorry. You don't need to be embarrassed. He needs to be embarrassed. He's a jerk. Reporter: Hi, guys. How are you? Why does it -- why does it get you so emotional? Because it's a young girl. You know, what can I do to help her? That someone in today's society would be treating a female or a person or anybody talking to them that way. So my heart was breaking for you. I was ready to go in there and smack him, but I figured, I'll wait. I'll wait for angel to get here Let me do it. Then angel can jump over and hit him. Coming up --

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{"duration":"6:57","description":"A female bartender is being sexually harassed by her boss. Will any of the patrons speak up?","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WhatWouldYouDo","id":"49427443","title":"What Would You Do: Female bartender is sexually harassed by manager","url":"/WhatWouldYouDo/video/female-bartender-sexually-harassed-manager-49427443"}