What Would You Do: Fraternity, sorority recruits hazed: Part 1

Part 1: New recruits are being publically hazed and humiliated during initiation into a fraternity. How will passersby react?
8:46 | 09/16/17

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Transcript for What Would You Do: Fraternity, sorority recruits hazed: Part 1
Our fraternity is nationally recognized for its dedication to excellence. We are a brotherhood committed to the values of decency, loyalty and obedience. In keeping with our old traditions, we must make certain our lofty standards are maintained, that only the most worthy pledges are invited to join. Do you guys have what it takes? Now? Let's get 'em, boys. Hazing -- innocent fun or dangerous bullying? In the name of bonding, fraternities and sororities often put new pledges through arduous and potentially harmful tasks -- sometimes going too far, even risking death. If you saw these frat boys, taking brotherly bonding to cruel and perilous heights, what would you do? What these boys are doing may seem like a prank, but hazing way too often ends in tragedy. The D.A. Vowing to keep fighting for justice for 19-year-old Timothy piazza, who was killed R an alcohol-fueled hazing ritual at his Penn state fraternity. Of the 18 brothers initially charged, 14 will now stand trial on charges, including "Reckless endangerment" and "Furnishing alcohol to minors". And today, the boys of our fictitious W psi delta fraternity have chosen the civic center mall in Scottsdale, Arizona, to haze these new recru recruits. On your knees, get down. Get on your knees, come on! What are you doing?! All right, here we go. Set them up. You guys want to help? These two become so distracted. They veer away from their friends. You can be a part of this. Are you ready? Yeah. Yeah. Chug! Once the hazing begins they appear less amuse. Come on, what are you doing? Get down, get down. Ten pushups right now. Count them out loud. Still, they walk away. The boys have no trouble drawing attention. Do you want to be in this frat or not? Yes. You guys ready? Excited? I don't think you guys are worthy. Do you want to be in this fraternity or not? All right, here we go. Was when they try to recruit some help -- Did you just see that video? Can you send it to me. They learn a thing or two about rejection. Do one of you guys want to help us? For them to even volunteer for that is just ridiculous. I would tear my son up if I knew he was treating anybody like that. Come on, up to the table. Here we go. Come on up, let's go! Once again, the boys quickly grab the attention of a couple passing by. But will they keep walking, like everyone else? Hey, you guys, want to help us out? Sure! All right, come on over. Yeah, let's do it. Sunglasses -- can you help us with this? She poses to raise some concern. They're not going to get alcohol poisoning? No, no, no, no, they won't. They're built for this. And that seems to put her concerns to rest. All right, guys, 1-2-3. Chug it, boys! Don't spit it out. Don't spit out or you get pow powered. What are you doing? Keep going. You'll make it. You'll make it. Do you think they're worthy? They're worthy, they're trying. I don't know, I don't think they're doing too good. How are you? I'm John kquinones. Oh, hi, John! With what would you do, the TV show. I don't know, what did I do? I helped your fraternity. You joined in This next guy is excited to dump cold water on our pledges. Let's go. On E absolutely. Come on. We show our guests appreciation. Nice. Yeah. There you go. This man has a couple of suggestions for the frat boys. Give these two guys nicknames, what would they be? Dumber and dumbest. Dumber and dumbest - I like this guy. What do you think we should do to them next? Hang them by their feet from the tree. How would we go about doing that? I just come up with the idea. That's good. Naked across. Let's go. Put this in your mouth. Let's go. Do you think they deserve to be in this frat? You don't know? That's a weak one, that's a weak one. You think they're too weak? This is pathetic, guys. This is too pathetic. When I got mine, they beat my ass with a bat. They whipped us. Cried.the ones that cried that Before anyone cries, we go in. I am John Quinones, this is a TV show called what would you do. What were you doing? I was helping. I got the same beating too. All day long spectators side with our pledges. The boys are old enough to fend for themselves. So, we begin to wonder if anyone will come to the rescue. Come on, pledges. Let's go, boys. And now a small crowd starts to gather. Will anyone help the pledges or will they continue to side with the fraternity? Here we go, boys. Cheers. Chug! Go and zmr and chug it. Chug it. Swallow it. Are you doing? The dude just spit on me. Are you kidding me? They have seen enough. Do you guys want to help? And they rush to the aid of our pledges. It's just pledges. You can't haze here! You guys need to stop. Stop! What are you putting in those? Stop this. I can't believe you have them Saran wrapped -- is this Saran wrap? This is definitely illegal in our state. You can't do this -- Is this part of pledging. They look forward to all this week. I definitely don't think anyone looks forward to whatever this is. Do you guys want to do this? You can't do this. All right, guys, how are you? We're with "What would you do! "They're actors. Are you okay. I'm shaking. You're really affected by this. Oh, my gosh. Why get involved? Because this isn't okay even if this is something they're willing to do. I have a brother who's a senior in high school who's about to go off to college. What kind of pressure is there on young people to do this. In college you want to be accepted. In some ways they're perfect recruit and you shouldn't have to wear a diaper or get alcohol poisoning. Like the dynamic duo. Immediately coming to the rescue.

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{"id":49885640,"title":"What Would You Do: Fraternity, sorority recruits hazed: Part 1","duration":"8:46","description":"Part 1: New recruits are being publically hazed and humiliated during initiation into a fraternity. How will passersby react?","url":"/WhatWouldYouDo/video/fraternity-sorority-recruits-hazed-part-49885640","section":"WhatWouldYouDo","mediaType":"default"}