What Would You Do: Fraternity, sorority recruits hazed: Part 2

Part 2: New recruits are being publically hazed and humiliated during initiation into a fraternity. How will passersby react?
7:50 | 09/16/17

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Transcript for What Would You Do: Fraternity, sorority recruits hazed: Part 2
Reporter: We're back at the Scottsdale civic center mall, where members of W psi delta have enjoyed hazing these new pledges, with very little public resistance. Do you want to pour the bottle? Yeah. Yeah. He wants to pour the bottle. Reporter: But what if, instead of a fraternity -- the new pledges are looking to join a sorority? Even when they hear these tears and jeers, will these Scottsdale, Arizona, parkgoers, give the W psi delta sisters a free pass? Our hidden cameras are rolling to find out. Are you guys crying? You guys are pathetic. You guys are so gross. How about we douse them with a little vodka? Reporter: Like the boys, the girls easily draw the attention of people in the park. We don't let babies in this sorority. Take this punishment and earn your right. Oh, here, want some more vodka? Reporter: But this time, this concerned citizen just can't walk on past. What are you guys doing? They're pledging. So, this is how you can get into your sorority? Yeah, we're doing them a favor. They're enjoying it. Don't you think? I think you should actually stop. I don't think you should treat people like this. It's just for the sorority. Nice. Reporter: As the cries continue to grow, so does her concern. Don't you guys have a policy against bullying? Being bullies, treating people like that? Are you guys okay? Yeah, they're fine, right? We're fine. I just think it's wrong. Reporter: With her attempts to help rebuffed, this woman walks away. The rority sisters continue hazing their new recruits. Are you ready? Open your mouth. Open your mouth. Nice. Don't you dare spit it out. Come on. Reporter: And once more, they're immediately reprimanded. I wouldn't do that. This is how they get into our sorority. We all had to do it. Well, that makes it brilliant then. Reporter: And when the pledges once again say they want to be hazed? Katelyn, tell them right now. You want to do this. I want to do this. Sorry, what? Oh yeah, you were really convincing. I can tell by their expression that they really don't. Were you guys ever in a fraternity though? Yep. Reporter: For these two former fraternity members, it's not the hazing but how they're doing it that's most concerning. What kind of stuff did you do then? Never had to get vodka dumped on my head. Or poured liquor in their face or their eyes. I mean, they're fine. But -- Oh, yeah, sure. They're not getting poured in your eyes. How do you know they're fine?. What if you pour the alcohol? Show us how to do it. I wouldn't do it. I would probably drink it. Reporter: So pouring alcohol is a "No." But, will they say yes to documenting the hazing? Okay, well, could you take a picture of us at least? We're going to post it. Y'all really want your picture on Facebook doing this? You guys can say "No" if you'd like. They want to get this over with, that's why they're saying yes. It's part of their routine. Tell him you want to do this. I want to do it. No, thanks. Reporter: They flat out refuse to play along. Hazing could be pretty ugly these days. Yeah, oh yeah. Sometimes it gets out of hand to a point where somebody gets hurt. Yeah, and they asked me to take a picture of them. I'm not going to take a picture and send it out to Facebook, just so somebody could get a good laugh. Reporter: But some park strollers have no qualms taking pictures or video when asked. Would you like to help us dump water on them, or maybe put baby powder? No. Okay, let's do video. Just hit the red button. Thank you. Reporter: She even moves around to get a better angle. Can you just make sure you get like action shots of us? Okay, continue. Reporter: And while she's recording, this man walks by and offers to make a contribution to the fun. I brought my whip. Ooh, can we borrow it?. Reporter: And as the day goes on, he's not the only man to make similar comments. Are they house-broke? Not yet. But, they're not loud enough. I don't think. They're very quiet canines. Reporter: For the most part, when it's the girls being hazed -- You're just a huge -- Reporter: Spectators do seem to show more concern. Oh, my god. Reporter: And once again, we see a lot of bystanders using their phones to capture the abuse. Let's do it. Open your mouth. Open your mouth. Open your mouth. Let's go. Let's see. I'm not finished with you. Someone's having a little panic attack over here. You're so pathetic. You're so -- get up. Reporter: But unlike with the boys, watching the girls choke and gag compels this couple to alert the authorities. You were concerned? Very concerned because the girls were choking. But I got to tell you, if it was guys, I don't think I would have been as concerned. I would have just kind of, "All right, it's guys." But, seeing the girls here, that was really disturbing. Reporter: And that sentiment is especially true for other women. Get over here. We're going to take a photo. Smile. Well, I hope your parents don't see these pictures. Oh no? No. If I have a daughter and send her to college, that's not what I want to see. We're having fun though. Fun? Fun should not be so degrading. This is not the kind of hazing you're supposed to be doing. You do know that, right? Well, they want to be in the sorority. No, no. Hazing is not allowed. Katelyn, tell them that you want to do this. No, it doesn't matter if she wants to. You're the one that's in the wrong. Do you get that? I do. This is illegal. And it makes all the rest of us look bad. Reporter: Her message, women should be empowering one another and not degrading each other in public. And it's a point forcefully brought home by Brittany Sims. I'll call someone on you right now -- I've got a lot of adrenaline. Stop wasting this. This is ridiculous. I have sisters and like this is not the way to get sisters, honestly. You know, like, guys treat girls all the time bad -- If guys can do this, why can't girls? Okay. I can't even. That's just like ridiculous. Seriously, like, why can't girls? I'm smiling because this is ridiculous. Reporter: As her efforts to educate go unheeded, she valiantly makes one last attempt as we quietly approach. What's the purpose of sorority? It's a charitable something, right? You're actually supposed to do something for people, not torture everybody. Reporter: Hi, there. I am John Quinones. It's "What would you do", the TV show. Oh, thank god. Honestly. Reporter: Tell us why you got involved. I remember my first day at ASU. It was just all about being on campus and how much alcohol you can drink, and then bad stuff happens. Reporter: Your advice to young girls who feel pressured -- Why would you want to do that? I understand people do things for acceptance. But, it's just sad to see that people in the same group would hate on each other. You're trying to be friends. Like, that's the absolutely wrong definition of what a "Friend" is. Reporter: At the end of the long day, the residents of Scottsdale showed our sorority sisters what it truly means to be a friend.

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{"id":49885643,"title":"What Would You Do: Fraternity, sorority recruits hazed: Part 2","duration":"7:50","description":"Part 2: New recruits are being publically hazed and humiliated during initiation into a fraternity. How will passersby react?","url":"/WhatWouldYouDo/video/fraternity-sorority-recruits-hazed-part-49885643","section":"WhatWouldYouDo","mediaType":"default"}