‘What Would You Do?’: Jazz Jennings performs as a friend of transgender woman, Part 2

Special guest Jazz Jennings steps in to play a friend of our transgender customer, who is targeted by our worried mother for wanting to use the ladies’ room. What will people think?
5:58 | 08/24/19

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Transcript for ‘What Would You Do?’: Jazz Jennings performs as a friend of transgender woman, Part 2
We're back at it with jazz Jennings, whose activism in the trans community started when she was very young. So remember this, your interview with Barbara? Yes, the interview that changed everything. Are you a boy or a girl? I am definitely a girl. Quiet down, guys. Quiet down. Our hidden cameras are still rolling at the diner where we've been capturing reactions. She's very wrong. You're fine. On both sides. Do you agree with that? I don't. Of the transgender bathroom debate. You're taking this group of people and saying you're not allowed to do something that other people are allowed to do just because they identify a different way. Now jazz is about to join our actresses in the scene. I'm getting mic'd up and about to go into the scene myself. She's playing Nadia's friend. I mean, you're obviously a man. Why would you be going to the women's bathroom? Our mom's question quickly captures these women's attention. Jazz, say, she's a woman. She not a man, she's a woman. Yeah, I just need to use the bathroom. If you want to go in first and go ahead of me, that's fine, like -- I don't know if I even want my daughter in there. She doesn't agree with Diana's approach. Not to be rude, but you need to mind your business. But she does seem to agree with Diana's views. I agree with you. I do. But, I think that's very rude of you to do that. I really do. I'm just not comfortable with -- Well, eat your food. And just leave. I'm not comfortable with him. He's -- He's not bothering, she's not bothering anybody. She's minding her business. This is good. This is good. But as our mom continues her campaign -- You keep calling him a she. Well, if that's how she addresses herself. Look at him. Looks like a woman to me. I don't see an Adam's apple. She gets more and more steadfast in her approach. She is a woman. I know, and she is and I feel Thank you. Thank you so much. I understand how you feel, there's nothing we can do. You know, because you can't discriminate. You're really discriminating. I'm going to take my daughter to the ladies' room. Yeah. When our mom and daughter leave -- I mean, I feel bad. She is discriminating. Nadia thanks them for their support. Hey, thank you guys so much. I know, you don't have to agree. I appreciate it. No, that's okay. And just as we're about to tell them our little secret -- You look like jazz. We'd better come out. I was going to say. I am jazz, yes. Oh, my god. She's really helped me through my transition, so she's been great. She is -- she is the jazz. Yeah. She looks beautiful. Well, we've been busted. It's "What would you do?" And this is jazz Jennings. Yes, you figured it out. Tell us why you spoke up. I can tell you, I'm a minority so I know how it is when I come in and I'm the only African-American or black woman in a restaurant and they looking at me like I'm come up in here steal something, you know. So you can relate? Of course I can. Definitely. It shouldn't make a difference? I don't think it should make a difference. I really don't, you know. 'Cause I'm a Christian and I know what I believe, but I would never hurt anybody. I would never hurt anybody's feelings 'cause I thought that was very rude. The world is changing. And I think we have to accept it. Thank you so much. As we roll one last time, jazz is back behind the scenes. I'm sorry. I overheard you asking for the women's bathroom? Yeah, I found it. Thanks. And this group is settling in for lunch. I mean, shouldn't you be in the men's bathroom, not the women's bathroom? No, I'm a woman. That makes no sense why you would go to a women's bathroom. It's disgusting. You know, there's a certain way to go about that. It's not right to say right there, and go about it that way. There's a better way to do that. At first he seems to take issue with her tactic. What do you mean? Because she's trans, you're not gonna let her go to the bathroom, and giving her a problem? I have my daughter here. Okay, so then take her to the bathroom real quick. You don't need to make a big scene about it. Why are you defending him? Because what you're doing is not right. I think what he's doing isn't right. How is -- how is anything wrong with that? Why don't you go to the women's bathroom? Because I don't. I'm not a woman. Now he attacks the accuracy of her allegations. All right. She is, yeah. He is not. Yes, she is. Why are you young people defending all of this? Because what you're doing is wrong. Do you agree with him? Oh, I don't have a problem with it. It's not affecting me. Well, you're not a woman. I am, and my daughter is here. You don't know what I am. You're just assuming what I am. You don't know what I am. Time to say hello. Hi, guys, how are you. We wanted to see what you guys would do. You jumped in right away. Yes, yes I did. Why? 'Cause I just thought it was wrong. It's about respecting people so I thought it was wrong. Especially in a public place like that, it just wasn't right. There's a woman named jazz Jennings with her own TV she's our expert today. She was really impressed with what you said. Hello. Nice to meet you all. Nice to meet you. Just seeing you guys stick up for this woman over here was so incredible to me, and really just restored my faith in humanity because not everyone had the same reaction as you guys. Thank you for accepting and appreciating people for who they are. For Nadia and jazz, situations like our scene are their everyday reality. It's hard being trans in this world. Not everyone agrees with it but I feel like it makes us stronger and allows us to be more confident in ourselves. I didn't even know what transgender was until I was 14 and I saw jazz's video, yeah, you were really young. Oh, I didn't know that. And that's how I learned what being trans was, and then I slowly, like, I am a woman. You know, and it was people like jazz who really helped me realize, like, this is who I am. So you got to work with your hero. Yes. Oh, my god.

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{"duration":"5:58","description":"Special guest Jazz Jennings steps in to play a friend of our transgender customer, who is targeted by our worried mother for wanting to use the ladies’ room. What will people think?","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WhatWouldYouDo","id":"65160219","title":"‘What Would You Do?’: Jazz Jennings performs as a friend of transgender woman, Part 2","url":"/WhatWouldYouDo/video/jazz-jennings-performs-friend-transgender-woman-part-65160219"}